Things to do Nagarkot in Nepal, Bus, Hotel
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Things to do Nagarkot in Nepal, Bus, Hotel


Don’t feel exciting about getting to spend days in Kathmandu Valley if you haven’t been to Nagarkot, Kathmandu yet. Nagarkot in Nepal, the beautiful hill town of Bhaktapur lies at the height of 2,195 meters. Nagarkot hotels are the hotels when you can enjoy most amazing scenario of mountain ranges from the valley. Your eyes with definitely glitter with a beauty of eight mountain ranges you can see from the top of Nagarkot Nepal. And the amazing fact is, one of the range is Mt. Everest itself, the tallest mountain range in the world.


Bus to Nagarkot in Nepal

Things to do Nagarkot in Nepal, Bus, Hotel
Bus to Nagarkot in Nepal

Nagarkot in Nepal is 32 km NE of Kathmandu and about an hour of drive from the city. But getting public transportation to Nagarkot is quite difficult. First, you should get a bus to Kamalbinayak from Ratnapark, Gangabu Bus Park or Lagankhel and that will cost you Rs 30 to Rs 35. Then, you can get a bus from Kamalbinayak to Nagarkot that costs you between Rs 35 to Rs 50. Well, if you are a great biker, then you can also ride all way till Nagarkot. But since the altitude keeps on rising every second, the ride shall be difficult and weary.

Things to do in Nagarkot Nepal

Nagarkot view Tower

Things to do Nagarkot in Nepal, Bus, Hotel
Things to do Nagarkot in Nepal

Nagarkot view Tower is around 30 mins walk from Nagarkot Bus Park. The road is peaceful and all green. You can also enjoy a hot cup of tea in local shops as you move forward. Once you reach the top, you can see the beautiful view of mountain ranges above your head and valley below your foot. Trust me, getting to see Mt. Everest, Annapurna range, Manaslu range, Ganesh Himal range, Langtang range, Jugal Himal range, Rolwaling Range and Number range all at a time.

Yoga in Nagarkot

Many yoga enthusiastic from all around the world makes a trip to Nagarkot for yoga classes. The classes are conducted at the hilltop in front of the Himalayas. You can join one of the many yoga classes within the Nagarkot as soon as you get there. You can either just get the feel with a day class of yoga class or start a deep meditation with a week and months of classes.

Nagarkot Panoramic hike

Now, this is a crazy idea discovered by some travel agency to spend a great time in Nagarkot. This hike- around 12 km long and takes 3 to 4 hours. The hike includes a walk in a Nature Trail of Nagarkot, Village Walk (starting from kartike village to Dhanda gaun village, and Panoramic Hiking Trail with 180-degree views of the stunning landscapes along with lush greenery. The best part of this hike is that you can enjoy nature and culture at the same tim

Sunrise in Nagarkot

Things to do Nagarkot in Nepal, Bus, Hotel
Sunrise at Nagarkot in Nepal

Do you know that Nagarkot is the best place to enjoy the sunrise in the entire valley? Early morning, you can enjoy the beautiful view as the sun kisses you with its warmth.

Nagarkot Hotels

Nagarkot has a number of lodges and resorts to spend a night. In-fact, there are more luxurious hotels than the capital. There are also some cheap resorts if you need to stay longer. The price can range from $10 per night to $100 per night. The costs of food in Nagarkot is less than $10 per meal- so it’s pretty affordable. Enjoy the stay in beautiful hotels with Nagarkot with awesome views.


So, that way information about things to do in Nagarkot in Nepal. Hope you can enjoy each moment you stay in the Himalayan paradise. If you have any queries you can contact us here or book your trek to anypart of Nepal with Travel Diary Nepal.

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