Best Way To See Mt Everest Without Climbing
Everest Region Trek

Best Way to See Mt Everest Without Climbing


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Either you spend months in Nepal or just a day, you cannot afford to return back without the close-up view of majestic Everest, Can you? We all want to See Mt Everest Without Climbing

If you are here for months, you can trek to the Everest Base Camp for the most mesmerizing view or even attempt to climb the summit. But now the problem is “what if you are in Nepal only for a couple of days”? Can we still see Mt Everest without Climbing? – Yes, you obviously can.

Other than climbing, there are still many ways you can get close to Everest and that would take you less than a day. Here we present to you the best way to see Mt Everest without climbing.


An Hour of Mountain Flight in Kathmandu

Best Way to See Mt Everest Without Climbing

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From the domestic airport of Nepal, you can get the scheduled flight every morning. The flight flies high at 22,000 feet over mountain range where you can enjoy the panoramic view of Everest from the comfortable window seat of the Plane. The plane flies over the region of Khumbu Himalayas for the close-up view of Mount Everest and the other Himalayas of 8000m. 

Buddha Air, Yeti Airlines and Simrik Airlines offers morning mountain flights each day and it cost around $200.

Chartered Heli Flight to Mount Everest

Want something more fancy and exciting than a mountain flight? Charter a Helicopter for the flight to Everest from Kathmandu and back. The Helicopter flies from Kathmandu to Lukla, Pheriche, Base Camp, Kalapathar, Gokyo, Syangboche, Namche, Lukla and back to Kathmandu. The 3 to 4 hours flight even lands at Everest Base Camp for the most enthralling view of the Everest.

The Heli packages also come with breakfast at Everest View Hotel (a hotel at the highest altitude in the world). But the weather needs to be appropriate for the flight, the best season for Heli flight to Mount Everest is from March to May and September to December.  

Early Morning Drive to Nagarkot View Tower

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Best Way to See Mt Everest Without Climbing

Does the earlier option sound too heavy for your pocket? Here, I have the cheapest option. Nagarkot, 27 kilometers from Kathmandu is a famous tourist hill for the Panorama View of Himalayas. Don’t miss the sunrise view that makes the mountain glitter. Though the place is far from Mt. Everest and only a small portion of it could be seen, it’s among the best place to capture a glimpse from the capital.

Nagarkot has the best hotels in the town to spend a day and is a peaceful and calm place to stay.

Chandragiri Hill

Chandragiri Hills, the recent vogue among Nepalese tourist, is a very famous tourist destination. You can drive up to the hill or get a cable car ride to get a small glimpse of the Everest from the hilltop. Before you proceed for the hill make sure the sky is clear and the mountain is visible. And the early morning tour would be best to capture a glimpse of the mountain.

Although the Everest doesn’t appear clear and distinct (only a small portion of Everest is visible), you can enjoy the Panorama view of other many Himalayas from the Chandragiri hill.

Visit Shigatse Valley

Best Way to See Mt Everest Without Climbing

Now here is the other fantastic option to see mighty Everest close and distinct. But it’s not from Nepal but from Shigatse Valley, Tibet. Not just Everest but one can also see the hot natural springs, monasteries, ruins and natural scenic places from the Valley. This valley is also known as “gateway to Mount Everest.”

You can reach Shigatse Valley through Qinghai Tibet railways or take up the road- China national highways 318 and 219.

Sum Up

Most of us always dream to see the highest peak of our World. Don’t you? Either you dare to climb it or not, you can still see the beauty of Mount Everest and enjoy it. In this article, we have tried our best to provide you the best way to see Mt Everest without climbing. However, if you want to suggest any other alternatives, feel free to comment below.

Book your trip with us here (or drop any queries) and enjoy the best journey.

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