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Nepali food: Must try Sweets desserts in Nepal


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Besides tasty Nepali food momo– the desserts are the most special ones. Nepali sweets are called “Mithais” or “Guliyo” in the Nepali language. Nepal food truck might not be famous, but Nepali desserts are certainly yum. Here is the food guide in Nepal i.e must-try Nepali sweets.

A beautiful landscape, the adrenaline rushing from adventures, unique traditions, welcoming people and the yummiest food can make any place special. And when all of these blends within the small country, it makes the world most preferred traveling destination. Nepal is at the top of the best destination in the world for its high Himalayas and tasty food. The tastes of some unique cuisines instill the memory of Nepal in many hearts.

The Mithais are either commercially prepared and sold at sweet shops or prepared at homes. In Nepal, Mithais are not just the usual desserts; they prepared as offerings to Gods on different festivals and each of these has their own significance. Some of the famous Mithais are:



It is one sweets Nepal dessert which is a deep-fried loop of white flour dipped in sugar syrup. It is succulent and sugary which tastes very yummy when freshly served. In the sweet shop, they usually pair it with soft bread and name it “Jeri puri”. It is also served to respected guests or as dessert during special ceremonies. This can be your Nepali food.

Nepali food
Nepali food

Hey, if you want some sweets, make sure you balance it with some energy/ calories cutting food.


Well, my mouth is full of water even when I am writing about this one. It is another sweet usually used for pujas and other holy occasions. These diamond shaped sweet and made from milk, flour, and sugar. It is also flavoring and garnished with various dry fruits. There is “Kaju Barfi” which is made from ground cashew nuts. They also add almonds and coconut, etc for flavoring.

Gud pak:

This is a traditional dish made from flour, brown sugar, edible gum, and assorted nuts. It looks like a very thick brown paste which is absolutely delicious and melts well in the mouth. Gud Pak can change your mind about Nepali food.


This flat, circular sweet is made from slowly shimmered thick milk. It is usually prepared for offering the Gods like Ganesh and Bhairabh. It is also garnished with nuts to give varied tastes.
The color of peda might be white, yellow or chocolate brown as per the flavors added.

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This is a famous Indian Sweet which is also popular in Nepal. These are ball-shaped sweets usually distributed as offerings. There are various types of Laddus like Motichur ko Laddu (round yellow granular sweet made from chickpea flour and sugar syrup), Sooji ko Laddu (made of semolina, butter, sugar, cardamom, nuts and coconuts) and also the Masala ko Laddu (made from wheat flour, different nuts, dry fruits, sugar and other seasonings).

Lal mohan:

Lal mohan is the round flour balls that are first deep fried and then dipped in sugar syrup. The dumpling feels soft spongy in the mouth as the syrup fills your mouth. It can be served hot or cold. They are very popularly served as desserts in celebrations and taste best with curd. This might be your favorite Nepali food.

Khir (Rice Pudding):

Nepali food
Nepali food

It is one of the most commonly cooked Nepalese dish during special occasions. Khir is considered as the purest foods since it consists of only milk and rice. It is made with milk, sugar, cardamom, rice, butter, and dry fruits. You can order Khir from online sites and enjoy the Nepali food.

Doodh Bari:

Now here’s my favorite- Doodh Bari. These flour patties soaked in thick, flavored milk and then garnished with saffron, cardamom, and pistachios give a rich, flavorful taste. It feels so good in the mouth that you can not stop yourself from having more. If you wanna try Nepali food, certainly don’t miss this one.

Khajuri :

It is a common snack sweet in Nepali households made from flour, sugar and clarified butter. It is more of Nepalese cookies. When the dough is prepared they shape it into hollow, bowl-like patties and deeply fry them till they turn crispy.


The different sweets (Desserts) with different tastes and textures can make you fall in love with Nepali food. Those sweets are also unique to certain ethnic groups. You can savor in the different tastes of diverse sweets served in Nepal and it will leave you craving for more.

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