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Mountain flight in Nepal over Everest price and time


Want a close view of mighty Everest without getting tired? Mountain flight in Nepal to Everest is the best option you have. No doubt a trek to Base Camp of Everest is the best experience you have ever have, but that’s not always possible. Your time for your health might not support the Base Camp trek plan. No worries, taking a mountain flight to Everest is one of the most exhilarating activity you can do in Nepal. And the best, the flight are not a rare moon; they are easily arranged. And within no time, you can go eye-to-eye with Mount Everest and other world’s highest peaks

A flight for Everest leaves from a domestic airport of Nepal each morning. Here are the details for Mountain flight fair in Nepal. Book your Everest trip here.


Buddha Airline Mountain Flight in Kathmandu Nepal

Mountain flight in Nepal
Mountain flight in Nepal
From                  Date    Flight number    Departure    Arrival
KATHMANDU    DAILY    U4 100                 0615          0715
 KATHMANDU    DAILY    U4 101                0620          0720
 KATHMANDU    DAILY    U4 200                0630          0730
 KATHMANDU    DAILY    U4 500                0630          0730
 KATHMANDU    DAILY    U4 300                0635          0735
 KATHMANDU    DAILY    U4 400                0645          0745

Yeti Airlines Mountain flight price for Nepali

Mountain flight in Nepal
Mountain flight in Nepal
From             Flight number    Departure    Arrival    Date
Kathmandu    YT 305               06:30:00    07:30:00    Daily
Kathmandu    YT 304               06:30:00    07:30:00    Daily
Kathmandu    YT 303               06:30:00    07:30:00    Daily
Kathmandu    YT 302               06:30:00    07:30:00    Daily
Kathmandu    YT 301               06:30:00    07:30:00    Daily

Yeti Airlines Mountain flight to Everest

From             Flight Number    Departure    Arrival                     Date
Kathmandu    RMK 201         06:15:00         07:15:00    Daily
Kathmandu    RMK 102         07:30:00         08:30:00    Daily
Kathmandu    RMK 202          07:30:00         08:30:00    Daily   

Note: the flight operates daily all around the year except for the monsoon seasons of June, July & August.

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Mountain flight price in Nepal for Nepali

For Nepalese Nationality NPR  11,500.00
For Indian Nationality     INR     7,500.00
Other Nationality            US$       200.00

Best season for Mountain flight Nepal

Mountain flight in Nepal
Mountain flight in Nepal

Dec, Jan & Feb (Winter Season ) Clear but late flight always due to fog.

March, April & May (Spring Season ) Best & Crystal Clear Mt Views

June, July & August (Monsoon Season )Bit Cloudy & Hazy Sep, Oct & Nov  (Autumn Season ) Best Mountain View Season

What mountains can we see from Mountain flight?

The flight takes along some of the highest peaks, and cruising this close to the awe-inspiring massifs of the ice is an out-of-this-world experience. This flight gives the visitors a quick glance at Nepal’s untamed landscapes as it fly-past through the world’s tallest peak.

The first peak that appears is Gosaithan, also called Shisha Pangma that stands at a height of 8,013m. To the right its Dorje Lhakpa (6,966m) and to its right is Phurbi Chyachu, which looms over the Kathmandu valley.

As the plane moves along, you can see Choba-Bhamare (5,933m) and Gauri-Shankar(7,134 m).  Then its Melungtse (7,023m), Chugimago (6,297m). The next in the menu is Gyanchungkang,(7,952m) and to its right is, Pumori (7,161m). As we get closer to Everest. there’s Nuptse (7,855 m) and finally, there’s Everest (8,850m) itself.

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