Nepali words

Basic Nepali words and Phrases to connect with People:


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You can enrich your experience in this kingdom of Himalayas by understanding the people and their lifestyle. But not everyone you will meet in your journey will be good in English; especially the local people cannot speak international languages. Nepali words in English can enrich your experience. Hope this will help you convert English to Nepali words.

Traveling in Nepal is an enriching experience as you move your shanks in the mountainous trails. Not just the affordable facilities, but also the friendly people and helpful guides make your stay much easier. Sometimes, this barrier of language might be the biggest problem for you. So, here are the basic Nepali words and phrases to connect with people. These are going to make your visit a safe, fun and easy one.


Basic Nepali words


It is a traditional “hello” in Nepalese Language. You can pronounce it as “Na-mas-te”. One should join their two hands at the palms while wishing “Namaste”. Hearing their native greeting from the foreigner is going to lighten up everyone’s mood. It is basically a conversation starter.

Namaste is a Sanskrit word which means “the divine in me honors the divine in you”. You are certain to get good regards and local help once you steal their heart with this greeting. This is most common Nepali words.


It is the word “Thank you” in Nepali. You can thank people for their warm hospitality and help. This will surely make them delighted. You can say this to your guide and porters every time they help you and then trust me they are going to serve you better. It is pronounced as “Dhan-ya-wad”.

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Ramailo cha:

People often asked how your journey is going on. Then you can say “Ra-mai-lo cha” which means you are having fun. You say “ramailo cha” when you are enjoying something or you like visiting Nepal. Praise the beauty of mountains with a Nepali words.

Ramro Cha:

“Ram-ro cha” simply means you like it. When you see a beautiful flower along the trail or like the way someone dresses, you can comment when with “ramro cha”

Mitho cha:

“Mi-tho cha” is used to appreciate the taste of food. You can thank the waiter or waitresses with “mitho cha” after you finish your meal, they will be delighted.

Madad garnu:

This phrase is used for “please help me”. During the trek to mountains, you might get stuck in the worst condition and you can ask for help with “Ma-daad garnu.” This is a Nepali words that will rescue you in hard times.

Galti ko lagi maaf pau:

This phrase is used to apologize for a mistake or misconduct. It means “sorry” in Nepali.

Nepali words
Nepali words

Greetings in the Nepali language:

“Shubha Prabhat” for Good Morning
“Shubha Ratri” for Good Night.

Other common Phrases:

“Jado bhayo” for I am cold.
“Garmi bhayo” for mean I feel hot.
“Huncha / Ho” for Yes (express agreement)
“Hudaina / Hunna” for No or (express disagreement)
“Hijo” for yesterday
“Aaja” for Today
“Bholi” for Tomorrow

While ordering food:

“Bhok lagyo” for “I am hungry”
Chito for hurry or fast.
Naramro for bad (express dislike or disapprove)
Sasto for cheap
Mahango for expensive (You can bargain for prices of souvenirs/goods with this)
Sakahari means vegetarian (use it when you order your food)

Health-related words in Nepali:

Malai sancho chaina for “I feel sick”.
“thakai lagyo” for I am tired.
“tirkha lagyo” for I am thirsty.
“Thikai cha” for it is ok.

For direction:

Daya means left whereas Baya means right
“Tada” means far
“Najik” means near
“Ukalo” means steep

Nepalese words to introduce yourself:

Tapaiko naam k ho? For what is your name?
Mero naam … ho for My Name is …
Feri Bhetaula for see you again
Chadai Bhetaula for see you again”.
Shuvakamana for best wishes.

Nepali words
Nepali words

Basic food and drinks in Nepali are:

Khaja for a light snack.
Khana for a meal (lunch or dinner).
Pani for to water.


Knowing these basic words can help you during your trip either in the city or the rural villages. You can establish a warm, strong bond with the locals and your trek partners which helps you to understand the lifestyle of the people. You can also express yourself and ask for help which can sometimes save your life in certain situations. Knowing some Nepali words can be a huge asset to make your trip into an unforgettable experience.

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