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Garden of Dreams Nepal, as the name suggests, is just like a piece of land from your dream. Here we will learn about Garden of Dreams Nepal location and gardens of Garden of Dreams Nepal. Among many Parks in Nepal, this is the finest one.

Garden of Dreams represents a pond covered with pink and white water lilies, a historic building reflected in the crystal clear water, a swing in the middle of a garden, and flowers of all colors twinkling all around. Although it lies in the midst of Valley, this place can take you back in the peace of 1920.

If you have been living in Kathmandu Valley for long and fed op of inhaling the polluted air, this is a place designed just perfectly for you. Whether you are here for spending some quality time with family, having fun with friends or for a romantic date with your love, the place will not disappoint you.


History of Garden of Dreams Nepal

Garden of Dreams Nepal

Kaiser Shamser (1892 to1964), whose palace the gardens complement, built the marvelous Garden of Dreams (Swapna Bagaicha) in the 1920s after his visit to England. The funds won from his father (who was then the prime minister) in a game of cowrie shells (Rs 100,000) were used for the construction of the garden. Though the existence of this garden was neglected for years, an Austrian-financed team re-constructed the garden in its present structure back in 2007.

Garden of Dreams location

Gardens of the dream are 15 minutes’ walk from Ratnapark, just close to Thamel and Narayanhity palace. You can get a public bus to Ratnapark from almost all nook and corners of the valley. Even before you enter the gate, you can feel the freshness in the air.

Garden of Dreams Nepal entrance fee

The ticket to Garden of Dreams will cost you Rs 100 if you are a Nepali and Rs 200 if you are a foreigner.

Things to see in Garden of Dreams

As soon as you enter the gate, a gate covered with flowers will be more than happy to welcome you. You can’t surely resist yourself to jump in excitement once you see the Kesar Mahal and the pond right ahead of it. The lilies would be smiling to you and you can even see the squealers jumping all around. A marble inscription from Omar Khayamâ Rubaiyat, Foundations and quirky ‘hidden garden’ to the south make everything look so perfect. I can bet that you would love every corner of this 1.6 hectors large garden.

And the other most amazing fact is, a hotel named Kaiser café is operating inside the garden, which means you can enjoy the delicious food with the beautiful scenario at the same time.

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