CG Temple Shaswatdham

Place to Visit in Chitwan – CG Temple Shaswat Dham


In the country of peace, it’s not so easy to find a place to relax with some fresh air when you live in a busy city like Chitwan. So, a place like Chaudhary Shaswatdham (or just CG Temple as it is generally called) is a blessing itself. This place, which is more like a temple is opened for relaxation and religious purposes in Dhamkaul, Nawalparasi. Here is everything you need to know – getting a bus to CG temple, things to see in CG Shaswat Dham, the ticket price to CG Temple and many more.

Shaswatdham lies on side of Mahendra highway and around 25 km west from center city Chitwan. You can get a bus to CG from Pokhara Buspark. The place is established as a center of attraction for all Nepalese as well as foreigners built by the Chaudhary Foundation Nepal which is spread over seven bigha land. Chaudhary Foundation is the biggest commercial group of Nepal owned by Binod Chaudhary who is the richest man in Nepal.

CG Temple Nawalparasi
CG Temple, Nawalparasi

The main features of CG Shaswat Dham are gurukul, yoga classes, religious museum, digital religious library and a Shiva temple with the unique facility of vegetarian food. The fact is that the Dham would become the pride of Nawalparasi as well as the country. The Shaswat Dham had actually constructed the site for spiritual and mental peace naturally.

Shaswat Dham CG Temple

The Dham is surrounded by lakes on all sides, which gives a splendid view of the temple, especially in the evening and night. The lights of different colours add so much extra shine and beauty to the main temple, actually challenging the full moon sky. The eyes get those demonic storms by the lightning temple. As the cold water from a typical traditional tap quenches your thirst, you feel like inhaling a natural drug that cures the pain of the nomadic heart. An organic vegetarian food house has also been established on the premises of the dham, targeting all those vegetarians out there. Although far from the Mountains of Nepal, this is an interesting place to visit.

And, finally, after you have gone through the list of best places in Nepal, CG Temple Shaswat Dham would be one of the greatest places of all time to visit and get lots of fun, peace, adventures, information, etc.

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