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Bhutan tour from Nepal- Best Time and Place to visit in 2021


Nepal is itself the foremost renowned hub for travel freaks. And its proximity to a different famous place in South Asia including Bhutan makes it even more interesting. Bhutan tour from Nepal allows you to explore the birthplace of Gautam Buddha while you visit the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Bhutan tour is an opportunity to witness the state where the stories of Dragon King come to be the truth.

Bhutan, an ancient and isolated Buddhist nation gives a unique travel experience. Living up with the policy of Gross National Happiness, the vast tracts of this nation are protected to offer you the right unspoiled wilderness. Bhutan has crystal-clear lakes, high mountains, and delightful valleys that build a wonderful landscape. The peaceful atmosphere and traditional lifestyle bestow you with a lifetime experience.

Bhutan’s capital is merely 627km from Kathmandu. Just a day of drive or about an hour of flight can take you to Bhutan from Kathmandu. As we cross Nepal and head across the Indian State of Sikkim, the true Shangri-La within the mighty Himalayas are often experienced. Beginning within the beautiful valley of Paro, we wander in its rich heritage of Bhutan. You can visit Paro Dzong (Fortress), Old Paro Town, and lastly hike to the Niger’s nest. We explore the capital Thimpu and many other places of Bhutan. There are many amazing activities you can do this include cycling, hiking, and adventurous sports. You’ll stay within the local hotel and check out exceptionally delicious Bhutanese cuisine.


Bhutan Visit cost

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Bhutan Tour cost

You can know Bhutan as tiny remote land in south Asia, but surprisingly, the journey to Bhutan is sort of expensive. To ensure the sustainable development of Tourism, Bhutan Government has the rule of a well-managed tour. You can apply for your travel visa via a Bhutanese Travel company that will supply you with everything needed for the tour. The package comes with a stay in descent hotel, meals, private vehicle, guide, and a driver.

So, what is the exact cost to go to Bhutan? In high-season months (March, April, May, September, October, and November), the price of visiting Bhutan is $250 US per person per day. If you’re traveling solo, you, unfortunately, need to pay a surplus of $40 US each day , bringing your total to $290 US each day. In the offseason ( the remaining days) the price falls by $50 per day per person.

Best time to go to Bhutan

You can visit Bhutan at any time of the year. As we’ll be driving inside a personal vehicle and living in a luxurious facility, the weather has the smallest amount of influence.

October to December is that the ideal time to go to Bhutan because the air is obvious and fresh with sunny skies. January and February are colder, but from then until April the climate remains dry and pleasant and in late spring the famous rhododendrons bloom spectacularly, flooding the valleys with color.

Places to go to in Bhutan

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Tiger’s nest in Bhutan tour

Bhutan is filled with delightful destinations, each reflecting the traditional architecture and history of Bhutan. Paro First there, Valley Paro Valley with its age-old exhibition halls and Rinpung Dzong fortress. The renowned Tiger’s nest and therefore the pristine great thing about nature are worth a visit. Then there’s Thimphu that’s considered a romantic place. The colorful and festive mode of Thimpu always makes the Jurney beautiful. Then, we will visit Trongsa Village may be a quaint, and misty land that is the simplest of Bhutan. You’ll visit Trongsa Dzong that dates to the 17th century and Bumthang during Bhutan Tour.

Short Bhutan Tour Outline Itinerary

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Bhutan Tour

Day 01: Fly to Paro Transfer to Thimpu
Day 2: Explore Thimpu, visit Punakha. Former Capital of Bhutan
Day 03: Punakha and therefore the Dochu La Pass
Day 04: Hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery
Day 05: Departure

Bhutan is that the Shangri-la of Asia, the country filled with wonders and mystic stories. Your journey to Bhutan will certainly be a prodigious one.
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