Best Things You Must Buy in Pokhara
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7 Best Things You Must Buy in Pokhara, Nepal


Pokhara, Nepal’s pride has its specification and identification to lure its visitor. The natural elegance of Pokhara has looted the love of every visitor. Many tourists visiting Nepal do not miss to visit Pokhara. Each passing day, Pokhara comes with a unique motion and moment to please and delight you. The stunning beauty of Pokhara would not let you move on easily. There are many special things to buy that makes the memory of Pokhara alive. We have visited the market of Pokhara to find the best one for you. Here is the list of 7 Best Things you must buy in Pokhara, Nepal.


1. Wine

The local brands of Pokhara have a special taste. Wine is the best option for you to carry back home as a gift of Pokhara. Even a single bottle does the work.

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2. T-shirts or Handkerchief

best things tourists can buy in Pokhara, Nepal
Bouddhe Printed shirt

T-shirts and handkerchief that contains the specific picture and shapes of the things that hold importance are great gift options. These T-shirts and handkerchief adopt the customer mentality for the best wearing to make you look more smart and intelligent. Many such clothes have pictures of Pokhara or Buddha in the front. 

3. Cap

Pokhara, as a touristic destination, has its own impression. Many people visit Pokhara and get lost in its natural and cultural beauty. The locally knit cap in Pokhara reflects the beauty of the place. Cap of Pokhara with stamp/ writing of Pokhara is a great option. 

4. Fruits

best things you must buy in Pokhara

Pokhara is proud to fulfill consumers’ demands by its local production. You can buy the locally produced fruits of Pokhara like orange and Pineapple. In fact, Pineapple in Pokhara has a special taste and value. It’s among the most demanded fruit in Pokhara. Apples of Pokhara brought from Mustang is also popular.

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5. Jewelry

Either you purchase it for yourself or as a gift, Jewelry is always of great value. Not just the expensive ones, Pokhara also have cheap Jewelry items that have high value in presentation. Things like earrings and hand rings are the best option as a gift. Such Jewelry has unique designs and crafts over them.  

6. Statue of Pilgrimage

items a visitor can buy in Pokhara
Buddha Statue

As Pokhara is home to diverse cultures and religions, purchasing the statue of gods and goddesses reflecting such beauty is a generous option. There are many pilgrimages in this city that have their specifications and values to the ancient myths. The collection of photos or statues of such places is a great gift option. 

7. Shoes

Shoes often represent the real values of the person. A person who has a fantasy to wear unique shoes can find the ones in Pokhara interesting. You can purchase any models of your choice as Pokhara has the most favorable shoes.

Final Say

Well, a different person has a different choice. These are the list of special things as it holds the reflection of the place. Special things to buy in Pokhara can make your day in Pokhara more stylish and energetic.

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