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Training for Nepal trek: Trek Training for the Base Camp trek on Nepal


Why do I need extra Training for Nepal trek when I am physically fit? I run regularly, and can walk for hours, do I still need Training for the Base Camp trek on Nepal? Is there any specific training we need for altitude trekking? A lot of trekkers make such queries to us. Well, let me make you clear on this.


About Annapurna Base Camp

Mount Annapurna, which is at 8091 m abl is the 10th highest mountain in the world. Its base, i.e Annapurna Base Camp is situated at 4130 m asl. While most of us live in an altitude below 1500m, such height can be a real problem. As the altitude increases, there is a lot of health problems that you may face if you are not trained. So, here is everything you need to know about Training for Nepal trek.

When you hit the trail, you will be walking for 6-7 hours each day. For such a steady walk, it’s not necessary that you are an athlete or a marathon runner but your body has to be physically fit. Your body needs to be well prepared for the long walks with increasing altitude.

Training for Nepal trek:

Annapurna Base Camp trek is obviously a challenging trek. Each day, you will be walking 6 to 15 km through the steep path with your backpack that clings on to you. There are certain training that helps you get the best of the high altitude trek. Besides being physically prepared, you also need to be mentally aware. Here is some trekking technique for the trek.

Aerobic Training:

Aerobic Training for Training for Nepal trek includes a workout that uses oxygen to fulfill the demand of the body. The working muscles get the oxygenated blood by the heart. When hiking, you get the feeling that your heart puts some extra effort to pump the blood. And as you move to the higher altitude the amount of oxygen in the air decreases, making your body suffer immensely. Aerobic training before the trek teaches your body to deal with such a crisis. It stimulates the heart and breathing rate to sustain for the exercise session. Further, these exercises reduce the change of several terminal diseases.

Training for Nepal trek
Training for Nepal trek

Strength and Conditioning:

Strength training increases endurance. During ABC trek, you will have to carry your backpack and climb up to the varying terrain. During the walk, your legs, hips, calves, hamstrings, and quads are involved.
Going on short treks, using weights, bands or gym machines can also increase your strength. Your body will get stronger, which makes you able to face any difficulties. Further, proper stretching exercises make your flexible and you are less likely to get a strain or sprain yourself.

Altitude Training:

At such height, altitude sickness is very common among the trekkers. The air gets thinner and the amount of oxygen decreases to a great extent. When your body cannot adjust to such change, it suffers. As a result, you feel out of breath, nauseated and dizzy. Even if you are physically fit, altitude sickness might hit you hard. Training for Nepal trek includes altitude training.

But it is quite impossible to train your body in the real altitude; so, all you can do is mimic of the training. You can take short high altitude trekking in your hometown or just do “climbing flights of stairs and rushing back” type of training.
Travel packages having scheduled days to acclimatize will be a great help to reduce the risk of altitude sickness.

Training for Nepal trek
Training for Nepal trek

Some Tips for Training for Nepal trek

• Keep yourself hydrated with a lot of water to reduce altitude sickness symptoms.
• Completely avoid alcohol and caffeine (they dehydrate you)
• A sudden decrease in the temperate works adversely on your body. So you can wear in layers and always take them off
• Always communicate about your physical condition with your group and tour guide.
• DO NOT RUSH. Take your time to go. Slow and steady wins the race.


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