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10 travel tips for Nepal: Do and Don’ts while trekking in Nepal


Travel tips for Nepal can make your trek to Nepal easy. Tips for hiking in Nepal can listed here.


About Travel tips for Nepal:

Nepal, the country with the most dramatic landscapes- beautiful Himalayas, lush green forest and water resources is in-fact the best trekking destination in the world. It is a paradise for all the travel freaks in the world- Nepal offers heavenly beauty with a blend of culture. Like every other country, there are many cultural and undefined rules in Nepal that is unknown to the other parts of the world. It’s always a good idea to be familiar to such norms beforehand. Some tips for hiking in Nepal:


Nepalese use the word ‘Namaste’ to greet each other. Join two palms together and speak the word “Na-mas-te” while bowing your heads. This is a way to show your respect and gratitude which is preferred over a handshake. Learn some Nepali words here.

Get receipts

Every time you buy a product in Nepal, especially antique, do get a receipt of authenticity. Otherwise, you can’t take it out of the country. Plus, avoid the items made of animals’ skin or fur- they might have to face some problems.

Travel tips for Nepal
Travel tips for Nepal

Ask before you click

Take photographs of holy shrines, temples, and local people only with consent. Taking pictures at places, security offices, museums, etc might be restricted. Also, before you capture a photo of an individual, ask for the consent.


Unfortunately, Nepal is still quite a conservative country when it comes to dressing. Especially in rural areas where religion holds true, showing flesh can be of a problem. Pick the dress that covers most part of your body as long skirts, full sleeve clothes, loose trousers, etc.

Don’t Drink Tap Water

Never ever drink tap water- even at deluxe hotels. Always carry a water bottle on your own and carry water purification tablets. learn about foods in Nepal.

Leather Products

Remember to take your shoes off before entering the temple or holy places. Also, leather products as a bag, jacket, belt, etc. are forbidden inside many of these temples. Some temples have got safe a locker system, while others don’t.

Hiring a Cab

While hiring a cab (usually called a Taxi in Nepal), ask the driver to use the meter. Most drivers do not agree to take the charge as per meters. It’s always better to ask at least two or more drivers before you hire one. Also, the charge of the cab is double during night time i.e 10 pm. Travel tips for Nepal certainly makes hiring a cab easy.

Drugs, Weed, and Alcohol

You must have heard Nepal being a weed capital sometime. But the fact is- buying or using drugs is illegal in Nepal. Nepal Government’s rule is strict with the abuse of drugs. Further, smoking in public places is also banned- or else you will need to pay the fine.

Carry a Charger and Power Bank

Carry an international charger and a power bank of your own. You might also want to carry your camera’s rechargeable battery. Though scheduled power cuts have been minimized to nil in past few years, you might face unexpected powers cuts frequently, especially in the rural areas.

Travel tips for Nepal
Travel tips for Nepal

Be Eco-Friendly

Nepal’s already suffering from the issues of plastic uses as there are no proper waste disposal management practices. The problem is high in Himalayan regions, especially due to mineral water bottles. Use your own bottles and reusable bags so that you can contribute to keep Nepal safe. This is the best travel tips for Nepal.


That was all about travel tips for Nepal.

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