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Annapurna Region Trek, Cost Detail

A Detail of Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost: Is ABC Affordable?


This article is mostly about Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost as well a other details of this trek.

Annapurna Circuit trek is amongst the popular trekking destinations in Nepal. The lush green valleys, fascinating classic villages and the diversified culture of the Annapurna region captivate many tourists.

Among so many other challenges during the trek, the economy is not something you can ignore – it’s hell expensive. You must have heard about Nepal being one of the backpacker’s destinations, but still, the trekking cost is eminent.

If you plan to trek alone, you need to pay somewhere around US$700 – US$1,000. This includes your trekking permit, food, and lodgings along the way. Here is a detail of the Annapurna Circuit trek cost.


Annapurna Circuit Trek Package Cost

When you book a traveling package to Annapurna, your travel agency will make all the arrangements for you – your lodging and food to permits and trekking gear. Plus they will provide you with a guide and a porter. You will need to pay your agency while booking your trek and then you don’t have to worry about anything.

Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost
Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost

Note: If you want free Nepalese guide who can accompany you for Annapurna trek, we can make such arrangements. You can email us at to book your hotel/trek/ or sports in Nepal. This website is made by a group of students who fantasies to travel. They will be your companion for the trek.

You will have two choices for the trekking package – choose between a local agent and a western agent. The local tour agency charges you somewhere from US$1000 – US$2,000 while most western operators design the package worth US$1,500 to US$4,000. Clearly, choosing a local tour operator is a good option for budget trekkers.

But then, if you just look for the cheapest ones, you might end spending time in worse tea lodges, and having cheap food and poor equipment. So, always prioritize safety while choosing an operator – don’t compromise on a few dollars.

Usual cost for an organized tour = US $1,100
The Usual cost for an unorganized tour =US $900

Visas Costs

Citizens of every country except India need to get a visa to enter Nepal. You can get the visa upon arrival at the airport or from your home country.

The cost of a visa depends on your length of stay. The visa rates are:
15 – day visa – US$15
30 – day visa – US$40
90 – day visa – US$100

Permit Cost

First and foremost – you will need a trekking permit. The permit to Annapurna costs $20 while the TIMS card costs only $10. Get the map here.


Vaccinations are not a mandatory thing, but ‘better safe than sorry’, right? We strongly suggest making an appointment with your doctor before you arrive in Nepal.

The average cost for the vaccinations for the Annapurna Circuit is approximately US$200.

Insurance is the Most

glacier mountains during day
Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost

Trekking in the Himalayas is hell RISKY. You never know when you will need helicopter evacuations. You might get the altitude sickness, general fatigue or muscle strain. So, being safe with travel insurance prior to the trip is always a good idea.

Make sure your insurer covers everything from basic travel needs as lost baggage, flight and tour cancellation, medical cost cover, etc.

The minimum cost for trekking insurance during the Annapurna Circuit Trek is US$150.

Equipment Ease Your Trekking

Choosing the gear for Annapurna Circuit Trek is mandatory. Getting the equipment is the most expensive part of the trek. You can either buy it or hire and pay for it.

Buying all of the trekking gear first-hand cost you somewhere around US$500 – $1,000. Hiring all of these is way cheaper. Know the difficulty of this trek.

Flights Cost

Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost
Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost

Flight costs from Kathmandu to Pokhara differ from season to season (February to May and September to November are comparatively expensive) while other months are somehow cheaper. The average flight cost is around US$200.

If you find the flight cost way expensive, you can also take a road trip which will cost around $10.

Food Cost During Annapurna Circuit Trek

Teahouses and lodges in the Annapurna Circuit Trek have improved their food serving standard drastically over the years. Accordingly, the quality of food they serve has also increased.

You will mostly find typical Nepali Daal Bhat combination during your treks which costs around US$5 to US$7. You may also find other cuisines like Indian, Italian, and Continental.

The average cost for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is about US$ 4 – US$10 per meal.

Accommodation Costs

Like all other most of the popular trekking routes, Annapurna Base Camp Trek is also a teahouse trek. So, accommodation is somehow cheaper which costs between US$2 to US$8. The price is lower during the off-season.

Tips and Spending Money

Tipping is all your choice, but while tipping guide, its recommended to be somewhere from US$150 – $200 and between US$60 – $80 for a porter. The key is tipping about 10% of your trekking cost.


The Annapurna Circuit trek the most serene trekking routes in Nepal. It is a lifetime memory that is worth the money you spend. Depending upon the amnesties, facilities, and luxuries you wish, the trek can cost anywhere from $1000 to $1500.

Do you have any queries about the Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost or want to book your trek with us? Contact us here and let us make your ABC Trekking an amazing experience for you.

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