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Family trek in Nepal: 10 Tips and tricks for the family trek to Nepal


With its varied tradition and culture, family trekking in Nepal is perfect. Your kids can learn many such things that they couldn’t gain from any books. Here, we have 10 tips for Nepal travel with Friends and family.

Exploring the world on your own is great, but sharing the same experience with the best ones in our life is beyond merriment. The journey alone will also have the same thrill to witness once in a lifetime moment, but deep inside if you miss your family. That sadness of missing the family engulfs all that exhilaration.

Obviously, you can’t think of trekking weeks with your aged mom and dad or kids. But then Nepal is not all about tough treks, there are still many achievable and nearby destination where you can get the same thrill without missing your family.


Nepal trek with kids

Going on a trek is a challenge in itself, and going with children make it even more hectic. You should take more care of your kids than of yourselves. So, here is the age ranges of children for taking them to high elevation.

  • If your kid is less are then a year, elevation above 3,000 meters might be too dangerous.
  • If your kid is above one year, you can trek with him/her (let porters carry them)
  • If your kid is above 5 years and can walk, you can take him/her with you (But in some places you will need porters to carry them).

Tips for Nepal Travel

  Package very wisely

 Your bag is all the facilities you will get on a trek to remote regions of Nepal. Going a trek with family is a bit challenging, so it’s your duty to make sure you have the best on your trek. Carry food items lilke candy bars, cookies, and juices to keep up the energy. This tips for Nepal travel will he helpful for you.

Tips for Nepal Travel
Tips for Nepal Travel

 Plan well:

    Before making the decision, study the routes of your trek properly. Include regular breaks and acclimatization days so that your children could get refreshed. Also plan your stop, accommodations before making the trek.

Prepare for the emergency:

    For a family trek, you will need much cautiousness. Prepare for any emergency that may arrive during your way. Carry medical kit with all the medicines you might need.

Prepare for Harsh climate:

 No matter what season you choose to trek, for a family trek you will need to be prepared for extremes. You need to have the right fitting boots, waterproof/windproof jackets, socks, and every little thing.

Know the altitude:

Nepal has a high altitude rise within a short distance. And, taking your children above 4,000 meters from sea level is a risk.

Drink a lot of water:

Longer walks will make you exhausted soon and make you dehydrate. Further, children’s can get dehydrated even more quickly. So carry plenty of water with you and make them drink frequently.

Take a porter:

They will not just carry your bags; in the worst case, they might also carry your children.

Tips for Nepal Travel
Tips for Nepal Travel

 Take a local sim:

    Take a mobile and keep a local sim, for immediate help in case of emergencies. This is infact the best tips for Nepal travel to make an awesome stay.


Nepal is the ideal destination for all the kinds of travelling with friends and family. Hope this these tips for Nepal travel will make your tour to Nepal amazing.

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