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Shey Phoksundo Lake Trek: Everything you need to know about


If you are planing Shey Phoksundo lake trek in Nepal, you must be wondering how to get to Shey Phoksundo lake, Shey Phoksundo National Park, the Shey Phoksundo trek map, and the best time to visit Shey Phoksundo.

Nepal has plenty of things that are irresistible for an adventure and nature lover. Besides Himalayas Nepal has a long list of things excluding the glorious mountains. Among such natural blessings, Lake and rivers are the most prodigious ones. They have not just made Nepal the second richest country in water resource, but one of the most celebrated tourist destination.


About Shey Phoksundo Lake Trek

Shey Phoksundo Lake is a freshwater oligotrophic lake, at an elevation of 3,611.5 meters in the Dolpa District. This lake lies inside of Shey Phoksundo National Park. The national park has the area of 494 hectors with the water volume is 409,000,000m3. The maximum depth of the lake is 145 meters/476 ft.

To the south of Shey Poksundo Lake, there’s a village called Ringmo in the southern end that lies in 35,000-year-old landslide dam that formed the lake. Passing through the dam, you will witness the waterfall of over 167 meters/548 ft tall.

Shey Phoksundo Lake Trek
Shey Phoksundo Lake Trek

Your trek to Shey Phoksundo Lake won’t be limited to the lake only; you will also get to discover and explore the different variety of flora and fauna in the Shey Phoksundo National Park. As the lake itself lies in the area of the park, you will enjoy the magnificent views along with discovering the wilderness in the park.

Dolpo Shey Phoksundo religious importance

Yearly thousands of pilgrims visit the sacred Shey Poksundo lake to take a bath in the lake. The lake has religious sites- the most famous one being Shey Gompa, built during the 11th century. Near to the lake, there is also Thashung Gompa which was built 900 years ago.

The upper Dolpa has the privilege of traditional Tibetan culture while the lower Dolpa has a majority of Buddhism and Bon people.

How to reach Shey Phoksundo Lake?

Shey Phoksundo lake trek begins with 55 minutes flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu. Then you will fly for 40 minutes to Jufal where your trek begins. From Jaful, you will do multiple descends and ascends through the dense forest and walk along the bank of Bheri River and reach Dunai. From Dunai, you will walk towards Suligad and a further walk to cross the wood bridge at Kagbeni. The narrow trek then leads to the wide riverside of B’onpos from and then you should walk to Chepka crossing a small rivulet at Shyangta. Learn about the permits you need here.

From Chepka, you will reach to Sunduwa and then head to Ringmo cross the altitude of 3,600 meters. Ringmo is a traditional village with Tibetan ethnicity.

Your arrival at Shey Phoksundo Lake will take with a total “awe”. The lake is all surrounded by glaciers with magnificent turquoise color. The water of the lake also plunges the beautiful waterfall halfway through Sunduwa and Ringmo.

Shey Phoksundo Lake Hotel

There is multiple tea house accommodation throughout the trek route- they will offer you a simple room with shared toilet. You can choose the dinner and breakfast from the menu.

Best time for Shey Phoksundo Lake

Spring (March-May)
Spring is considered the best season for Shey Phoksundo lake trek. The climate is best with most favorable temperature and there are colorful rhododendrons blossoming all the way up. You will witness the most mesmerizing view of Dhaulagiri and other mountains.

Summer (June-August)
Summer receives a heavy monsoon in Nepal. The season starts with the scorching sun when the trek is quite possible but then the monsoon takes over and the trek becomes impossible. The path gets muddy and slippery making it challenging and unfavorable to trek.

Shey Phoksundo Lake Trek
Shey Phoksundo Lake Trek

Autumn (September-November)
Autumn is considered another best season for trekking to Shey Phoksundo. The temperature is moderate, while the weather is nice. The sky is usually clear, offering the excellent Mountain View and the delightful pine and rhododendrons forests.

Winter (December–February)
Winter in Nepal at a higher altitude is always harsh in Nepal. But then, Shey Phoksundo lake trek take you only to an elevation of 3,611.5 meters, so the trekking can be possible. But you might have to carry a lot of clothes.


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