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Among the various places in Nepal that gives you goosebumps, Illam is the one that should definitely not be missed. Here is everything about Things to do in Illam and places to visit in Illam. Learn More about Illam Kanyam.

When it comes about blessed with Nature, with no doubt, Nepal hits the list somewhere at the top. Nepal’s geographical diversity is a perfect blend of nature’s beauty. Nepal’s not all about crossing the hilltop to get closer to the sky touching glorious mountain; it also has lush forests of the Terai. Every corner of Nepal is a hot destination for tourists around the earth. Learn more about Things to do in Illam with us.


About Illam:

Illam lies at the easternmost part of Nepal at 700km east of Kathmandu. It is the headquarter of the Illam district. The name Illam is made of two words: ‘I’ and ‘Lam’ which means ‘winding’ and “way” as per Limbu language. The place has several winding paths each crossing each other on the way. It covers an area of 173.32 with a population of 48,536 (census 2011). The Newar, Magar, Tamang, Chhetries, Brahmin, Limbu, Rai, Sunuwar, Gurung and Yakkha are the inhabitant in the place.

It is a famous place in Nepal for the production of tea and beautiful landscapes that attract most of the local tourists.

Things to do in Illam
Things to do in Illam

Things to do in Illam

There are many awesome Things to do in Illam. Besides tea, Illam is famous for five ‘As’: Aduwaa (ginger), Aalu (potato), Akabare Khursani (red round chili), Aalu (potato), Aalaichi (cardamom), and Amriso (a grass used to make brooms). The products of illam are exported to India and the market too. You can do volunteering work in the tea garden of Illam during the stay.

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Where to get bus to Illam?

You can easily a bus to illam from the Koteshwar and Kalanki. Or you need to fly to Chandraghadi Airport in Jhapa district from Tribhuvan International Airport. The flight is 45 minutes from Kathmandu.

Places to visit in Illam:

There are many enchanting Things to do in Illam which should be considered on your trip. You can visit following places.

Shree Antu Danda

This beautiful hilltop at the lap of Mount Kanchenjung is located at an altitude of 2,328 above sea level. It is about 3 hours drive from Illam Bazaar. The hilltop is amazing for trekking on the hill and offers the mesmerizing views of the sunrise and sunset. The tea gardens will accompany you during the whole trip. Adding on, besides the mountains, the unique culture of Illam and holy sites gives an extra glamour to the tour.
Chhintapu and Siddhi Thunka are the popular spot for the spectacular sunrise and sunset view along with a fascinating panorama of Mt. Everest and Mt. Kanchenjunga.

Kanyam and Fikkal

These are the large tea producing areas in Illam which were already famous for the purpose since the last hundred and forty years. These places are now known for the beautiful tea gardens that prevail there. The places are preferred for the picnic and sightseeing as well.
To attract the tourist, the places offers the visitors with the opportunity to ride a horse in the Fikkal is connected to roads with an eastern border to Darjeeling- its more of a business center.

Pathibhara Temple

This religious site in Illam is believed to be the younger sister of Pathibhara in Taplejung district. Also called ‘Sano Pathibhara Temple’- the devotees visit the temple to make resolutions (Bhakkal) in the temple and make an offer to the goddess with different things.

Things to do in Illam
Things to do in Illam

Mai Pokhari

Mai Pokhari is a star-shaped pond with nine corners- each representing a different gods. The green forest surrounds the pond

When you stand and stare at any corner of the pond the reflection of lushy forest in the water looks prodigios. The pond is a pilgrimage site for both the Hindus and the Buddhists. There is a temple of Goddess Bhagwati near the Mai Pokhari.


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