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Trekking to the Himalayas is a life-time memory. But walking along the rocky slopes for weeks can always be hectic. Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the remote trekking routes of Nepal and it’s not any easier without a fair pre-planning. Manaslu Circuit Trek can be way easier with the right packing gear. But if it’s your first time to the Himalayas, you won’t know what to carry and what not to. And then, you have to live with the regret of over-packing. Thus, to make things easier for you, here we have finalized the Manaslu Circuit Trek Packing list for you.


Weight Limit

Not having excess luggage while you trek is extremely crucial. Especially, when you have to carry them on your back the whole time, it’s no fun. Thus it’s best if you keep the weight limited to the minimum.

The government of Nepal has a fixed weight specified for a porter to carry i.e. 15 kgs (33 pounds) for the Manaslu Circuit trek. You can have another small bag for the important stuff which weights 3-5kgs.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Packing List

Sleeping Bag: A good quality zero degree sleeping bag is important. The blanket provided by tea houses may not be enough once you step in the higher altitude.

Sleeping Pad: Sleeping Pad is optional that brings you comfort and adds extra warmth to a sleeping bag.

Pillow: Generally a tea house will provide you with a pillow, but it’s safe to have your own as well.

Earplug: Earplug is also optional but of great use.

Clothes Packing

The base layers: It’s a thermal top that traps heat and does not let the wind to enter. This is compulsory clothing in the Himalayas.

The second layer: This includes a t-shirt which should be lightweight, quick-drying and comfortable. You will also need a waterproof and windproof fleece jacket.

The third layer: The outermost layer is a jacket and trousers. These should also be windproof and waterproof. And for the lower body get convertible pants, begin a hike with full pants and when it warmer zip the lower part off.


During the trek, it’s very important to keep your head and feet warm if you wish to preserve your body heat.

Also, keep 2-3 warm thick socks that have padding around the heels and toes advisable.

As for shoes, a pair of waterproof hiking boots with ankle support is important. Make sure they are damn comfortable and do not give any blisters. Also, have a pair of trekking sandals for comfortable walks.


Lightweight, quick-drying inner gloves made of fleece materials. Outside, you will need an insulating glove that helps you to do minute work with it.


As the sun in high altitude is extremely strong, it is important for you to have a dark and UV protection sunglasses.

So, you will need to wear a sun hat and a high SPF sunscreen. Also, you might need a headband, cap, neck gaiter, mask, and many more.

Trekking Accessories

  • Head Lamp with few extra batteries so that you won’t need an extra hand.
  • Water bottle so you don’t need to carry a lot of mineral water bottle
  • Water Purification Tablet for the emergencies when you don’t get boiled water or bottled water
  • lightweight and fold-able trekking pole Trekking Poles that will lessen the burden off your knees.
  • Crampons walk without slipping in the snow (must during December- February)

Other Bags

Day Backpack: This is a small backpack to carry all basic items that you might need handy throughout the trek. This should be a light bag to fit all your necessary but they should not be heavy. These bags are likely to have pockets and compartments.

Duffel Bag: This bag is carried by a porter that will have heavier stuff that you will need when you reach camp. It should also be light and comfortable.

Personal Items

  • First aid kit
  • Toiletries
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Face/Body Wipes
  • Small Locks
  • Portable Charger
  • Books
  • Food Items:
  • Chocolate bar;
  • Biscuits;
  • Chips;
  • Light snacks

Manaslu Circuit Trek Packing Tips

You can rent or buy the trekking gears in Kathmandu. There are also some stores will buy your trekking gear after your trek. You can leave your unnecessary belongings at the hotel in Kathmandu. Mark your bag with a large visible name tag.


Pack wisely and lightly. When you trek in a remote area, you might find anything on the way. So, have everything you need in your bag but avoid unnecessarily. It is important that you pack as per the season.

For further information please Contact Us. Book your trip with us and we will give our best to make the trekking experience pleasurable.

Happy trekking!

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