Cost of Trekking in Nepal
Cost Detail, Trekking in Nepal

Cost of Trekking in Nepal


Nepal, the land of Himalayas is known as the budget traveling destination in the world. There’s a hard and fast way to figure out the cost of trekking in Nepal. The cost of trekking in Nepal is around $20/day for solo travelers and $60/day if you hire both a guide and a porter. Now you can add the visa, permit and transportation cost to this and figure out the total cost. But this is only a rough cost estimation, there is more you should know. Here is the detail of the cost of trekking in Nepal.


Easy V/S Expensive

The easiest way to book a travel package is to sign up for an online package trek and everything will be arranged. But, it is also an expensive way.

For the international company online booking, make sure the price is reasonable. Upper Mustang Treks and Everest Treks are more expensive whose prices range per person from USD 1000 all the way to USD 5,000+ for an average 8 – 12 days trek. These prices include permits, a guide, porter, transportation, accommodation, and meals.

The benefits of booking an international trek are that you will have everything neatly arranged for the trip.

But some packages might be “too good to be true price” that is an almighty catch. The most common one is the cheap packages as low as $900 for EBC or Annapurna Treks by “well known” international tour companies. Such price is possible only when you join with another much larger group. But this might cause some sorts of problems later like people not showing up, a last-minute change in trek routes, having no choice in accommodation e.t.c.

Cost for Visa

A visa cost for the foreigners visiting Nepal on a 15-day tourist visa will cost $30. For the 30-day multiple-entry tourist visa the costs are $50, and for the 90-day visa will have to pay $125.

Cost for Guide and Porter

The daily cost for hiring an experienced guide while trekking to the Himalayas is $20 to $30/ day that includes their accommodation, meals, and insurance.

And the cost for hiring a porter who carries 15 kgs of your load is $10 to $15.

Cost of Accommodation

The cost of accommodation in Kathmandu is $10 to $150. The one that looks good and clean costs around $20/ night.

In the Himalayas, the cost of accommodation is as cheap as $2 to $10, the most common costs being $6.

Cost of Meal

The cost of meals in Kathmandu is $2 to $5 per meal. In the Himalayas, the cost gets slightly higher, $4 to $8 per meal.

Cost of Transportation

The public transportation is quite cheap in Nepal. But finding one and traveling with it can be hectic. You can get a cab also for a cheap price. The other options available are a Tourist Bus or a Scorpio.

There are many domestic airports like the one to Pokhara, Chitwan, Jomsom or Lukla. The cost of domestic flights is around $200 or less.


Estimate around $1000 to $2000 for 10 to 15 days trekking to Nepal. The cost of trekking in Nepal depends on the season you trek, destination, and choice of luxury.

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