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Chandragiri Cable Car Ticket Price, History and Bus


Chandragiri hill station is now the most popular destination near the valley. After the establishment of a gondola lifts transportation system, its popularity has hiked like never before. Chandragiri Cable Car was launched to promote religious tourism in Chandragiri hills. Here is a detail about Chandragiri Cable Car Ticket Price, History and Bus.

The cable car transportation journey from Thankot to Chandragiri hills is about 2.4 km line. The transportation system can carry around 1,000 passengers per hour on its 38 gondolas which operate its journey. During the journey, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the surrounding nature. Today, Chandragiri Hills is the place where fun, adventure and pilgrimage come at the same time to make your wishes come true.


Chandragiri Cable Car Ticket Price List

Chandragiri Cable Car Ticket Price is categorized as per the age and country citizen.

ONE WAY: NPR 415 USD 9 INR 415 USD 13

Note: One-way riding in a cable car and hiking the other way is also preferred.

Construction of Chandragiri Cable Car

Nepal’s famous banker Chandra Dhakal revived Bhaleshwor temple and advertised the Chandragiri cable car.

Although the day was freezing cold, people were in a rush for a trip to Chandragiri Hills by cable car on the 10th of January 2018. The queue reached about a km long and people waited till they got into the cable car.

Things to do in Chandragiri Hills

Chandragiri hilltop has many attractions other than cable car i.e Children’s park, Bhaleshwor temple (Jyotirlinga), food court, and mountain views. Also, there is a statue of King Prithvi Narayan Shah which is the major attraction for visitors. The full-figure statue of Nepal unifiers Prithvi Narayan attracts visitors of all ages.

Historical Significance

Chandragiri hills is also a historical spot which is connected with King Prithvi Narayan Shah. It is said that he first caught the glimpse of prosperous and scenic of Kathmandu valley from Chandragiri hill. There is folklore in Chandragiri Cable Car that is believed to have amassed spiritual powers for the unification after meditation at these very hills.

In his Dibya Upadesh, Prithvi Narayan Shah has written about the historical importance of the moment of Chandragiri Hill. Inspired by his two priests in Chandragiri Hill he launched Nepal’s unification drive. Baburam Acharya, a prominent historian of Nepal elaborates on the role of those two priests who encouraged the unification of Nepal.

Chandragiri Bus

Chandragiri is about 12.1 KM from Kathmandu. You can get the bus to Chandragiri from Kalanki and Ratnapark.

You can get to Chandragiri Hills by a cable car then hike downwards if you want an economic tour or you can get cable car both ways.

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