Gorkha Durbar Nepal

Places to visit around Gorkha Durbar Nepal Visit:


Gorkha Durbar Nepal Visit is a tour to the historic place of Nepal where the civilization of this beautiful country centers. Besides the historic places i.e Gorkha Durbar and Gorkha museums, you can view the glorious range of the beautiful Himalayas, varied topography and distinctive culture over Gorkha. Here is everything you need to know- history of Gorkha Durbar Nepal, Getting a bus to Gorkha, Things to see in Gorkha, Hotels in Gorkha and so on.

It was the hometown of King Prithvi Narayan Shah who ultimately unified Nepal a single country. Nepal is also known as a home of brave legendary Gurkhas and this title came from the Gorkha. Apart from the historical importance this district is immensely beautiful and has developed as a trekking hub in these recent years.


About Gorkha Durbar Nepal:

Gorkha -the foundation of Nepal is located at the top of a hill. It was from this hilltop where king Prithivi Narayan Shah envisaged the vision of today’s Nepal was envisaged by the first king of Nepal.

Along with the historical essence and finest architectural, Gorkha has stunning mountain views, envisaged and green hills with lush forest.
Gurung is the ethnic group of Gorkha who has earned respect both of the world wars for their bravery as a Brave Gurkhas. Many of them have also earned “Victoria Cross” – highest award of the British honors system.

Places to visit around Gorkha Durbar Nepal

Gorkha Durbar Nepal

Gorkha Durbar Nepal was built in the 16th century representing of the Newari architecture. It’s not just a palace, it’s also a fort, and temple as well. This place holds a very special significance in Nepalese history as the birthplace of the creator of Nepal. In the area, there is a Kalika temple (build in the 17th century) that features excellent woodcraft of demons, peacocks and serpents. In the east wing, there is a palace complex, Dhuni Pati. There are also a Royal guest house and Hanuman statue.

Unfortunately, the palace faced great suffering during the earthquake 2015 and the construction was undergoing during my visit (December 2018).
You cannot take any leather items like belt, shoes etc inside the Durbar.

Gorkha Durbar Nepal
Gorkha Durbar Nepal

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Gorkha Museum

The museum lies close to the settlement are inside the Tallo (Lower) Durbar. This Newari-style palace built in 1835 is very attractive. The area has an immensely beautiful courtyard, perfectly craved woodwork indoors and window and big guns. The major collection of Gorkha museum is the traditional war equipment, there is also a statue of people reflecting different caste and culture. \

Bhimsen Temple:

It is a located in a small square of Gorkha built in a miniature pagoda style. The temple is dedicated to Bhimsen- Newari god of Commerce.


It is located 10m down the southern part of the Gorkha Palace. Goraknath was a Hindu yogi and a founder of the Nath Hindu movement. This place has now been developed as a popular tourist spot of Gorkha visited with great devotion by Brahmans and Chhetries. This place also holds a fair every year on the day of the full moon day of Baisakh in Gorakhnath Cave.

Gorakhkali Temple

This Temple is located at the south-west of the Gorkha Palace at the top of the hill. You need to climb 1700 steps to reach this temple dedicated to the Goddess Gorakhkali. The Gorakhkali temple was built by King Ram Shah.

Getting a bus to Gorkha

You can get a Public bus to Gorkha from New Bus Park or Kalanki. On the way, you can also visit Manakamana. You can also get a bus to abukhairine and then get another bus. The center is 45 minutes of drive from abukhairine You can also get a direct bus to Gorkha from Prithivi Chowk, Pokhara.

Best time to visit Gorkha

Gorkha can be visited any time of the year, its all-season tourist destination. But the place is quite crowded during Nepalese New Year and initial days of Dashain. Gorkha is also a starting point of Manaslu Trek.

Gorkha Durbar Nepal
Gorkha Durbar Nepal

Hotels in Gorkha:

There are multiple mid-range hotels in Gorkha and a few luxurious one too. The room in Gorkha will cost you somewhere between $10 to $50 per night.


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