Must-do Things before you visit Nepal:

Must-do Things before you visit Nepal:


Wondering what could be the thing you should do before visit Nepal? Here my story might help you out.

From the window of my apartment, I could see the drizzling drops of rains doomed in the ocean. I could feel like those drops were not water, but the bubbles of happiness falling and amalgamating in my heart. The ocean is yelling like always, but this time I feel like hollering louder than the ocean. “At this hour tomorrow, my plane would have already been landed”, my mind would iterate.

After all, it’s been ages since I have woolgathered of this day, when I could finally pack my bags, wave a “Goodbye” to my town and land in the country of sorceries nature. Three months of assiduous office hours and overtime when I could finally save enough for this trip. Thankfully, I could save paltry more than estimated budget, just in case, there would be some emergency. Here are the things I did before visit Nepal.


Collect every information

Things to look before visit Nepal
Things to look before visit Nepal

Every day of my those three month was overwhelming, from surfing everything and anything I could think about unless I had read every page on the internet; the local delicacies to affordable accommodation in fear of being ripped apart, Visa and border crossings, to the tourist trails and scenic landscapes, culture and cuisine, festivals- they have a hell lot of them and the liveliest ones, I concluded, to transportation and communication, and what not! And all the guidebooks I could get my hands on.

Applying Visa for Nepal

Just before a week ago, I visited the Nepalese embassy for the visa. I had been told that visa can even be collected once I land to the Tribhuwan International airport of Nepal, but I just felt like being prepared. All they asked for was my passport and a photo. The visa procedure for Nepal was lenient than I expected.

You can contact us  here to know about visa application procedure and other things before you visit Nepal.

Make your plans

There are many places I could go and things I could do. I could have either choose a long trek to Everest Base Camp or the shorter one to Poonhill. I could either send months in trekking to enjoy the adventure like white water rafting and skydiving. So, I simply listed the places that I have deliberation of visiting and have an overlook of a satellite view of the place. This will make it easier for me to book the related package that fits my interest.

Make travel insurance

Insurance before visiting Nepal

With all the adventure and though trek, Nepal isn’t the easiest land to venture. And the dust of Nepal’s capital can surely give me a tough task. So I thought making travel insurance that would cover all the financial risk of my journey would be great.

Booking your trip

My initial plan was to book a trip for the date I land, but then I thought of palpating something new. The plan of going Wild and Stepping a bit farther from the usual tourist itinerary, mingling with the locals and celebrating few of their unique, yet astounding festivals fascinated me. For this sudden yearning to venture off the streets of Nepal I delayed my booking dates by three days. Book your trip at cheap rates here.

Get the hotel booked

Since my package was delayed by three days,  I had to book a hotel over Kathmandu on my own. 

Shopping for Nepal

Shopping before visit Nepal
Shopping before visit Nepal

The last thing left undone was my favorite part of preparation (Yes, it’s the shopping). Yesterday, late night, I had a four-hour rush to collect everything I needed for the tour. Well, I bought nothing then a few sets of clothes, a comfortable pair of shoes and a few items like suns cream, perfume, and lotions. Yes, I know I could shop all of them in Nepal, but was not sure if they had one of these companies I love.

And now, everything I got is heaved all over the room, which looks like a hell lot of mess. The ultimate thing to be done is collecting them in a bag, and I was all ready to go.

If you have any queries about things to do before you visit Nepal, you can contact  here.

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