tallest mountain in the world

8 tallest mountain in the world along with their features- What are the tallest mountain in Nepal?


Wanna know about tallest mountain in the world? Then, you should definitely know about Nepal. Nepal is known for its natural beauty gifted by the majestic mountain peaks. Nepal houses the world tallest mountain, Mount Everest (8848m) along with other 8 mountains taller than 8000m. There are many such tallest mountain in Nepal. Do you know that there are only 14 of such mountains in the whole world? Also, there are several other mountains peaks higher than 7000 m. The great Himalaya range holds those entire mountains to form the white glittering panorama above the hills of Nepal. Here are the 8 tallest mountain in the world.


Mount Everest:

The pride of Nepal.

Mount Everest, also called Sagarmatha is the tallest mountain in the world. Sagarmatha, in the Nepalese language, means forehead of the sea as it looms over everything single thing in the world at a height of 8,450m. It is very popular among the trekkers and climbers from different part of the world. Thousands of people travel all the way to Nepal in hopes of standing at the highest point in the world or get its close view from Everest Base Camp. We proudly announce that it has the tallest mountain in Nepal.

tallest mountain in Nepal


This majestic mountain in the northeast of Nepal is the world’s 3rd highest mountain (8,586m). Kangchenjunga means ‘Five big treasures of snow’ which refers to the five summits among which two summits are in Nepal. Trekking to Kanchenjunga is restricted and you will need a special permit. You need to trek in the group up at least two people and a guide. The climb is definitely challenging and you will need a lot of courage. This is the 3rd tallest mountain in the world.

But who knows, you may also find the yetis! It’s a myth that bipedal human-like beast known as “Kangchenjunga demon” live within the mountain. Also, it is believed that somewhere between the mountains, there is a beautiful valley which is a valley of immortality.


Lhotse, 8,516m is the fourth highest peak in the world. A Swiss team of Fritz Luchsinger and Ernst Reiss climbed Lhotse for the first time. It lies on the south of Mount Everest and is joined by a ridge. Earlier, it was considered a part of Everest and even the name “Lhotse” in the Tibetan language means “south peak”. This is the third tallest mountain in Nepal.
Climbing to the summit of Lhotse is hell difficult and requires different government permits. The route follows the trial of Everest till Camp 3 and then further moves towards Lhotse.


Makalu, 8,485m is the 5th tallest mountain. It is 4 sided pyramid shaped and has very dangerous steeps with sharp rocks. All these make Makalu the most difficult mountains to climb. A French group first climbed to submit it in 1955. The peak lies within Makalu-Barun National Park which is a strictly conserved area. But you can enjoy the beauty of the region with a trek to Makalu base camp. Enjoy the pleasure to explore the tallest mountain in the world.

Cho Oyu:

Cho Oyu (8,201m) means “turquoise goddess” or “bald god”. It was first climbed by a group of two Australians along with a Sherpa. If you find Everest hard, it is considered the easiest among the other 8. Cho Oyu is now popular for skiers and snowboarders. Also, glacier pass called Nangpa La Pa at 19,000ft is other major attraction of the tour.

Tallest mountain in the world


Dhaulagiri, “white mountain” (8167m) is the world’s 7th tallest mountain. Due to the very fewer chances of an avalanche, it is considered easy to climb. The first successful climb to Dhaulagiri was by Swiss and Austrian team. This is the 6th tallest mountain in Nepal.


Manaslu (1956m) meaning “Mountain of the spirit” is a mountain with the highest fatality rate. . The lower area often gets avalanche and the peak is also very steep and sharp. It the tallest mountain in the world and also the most dangerous.

Once a Japanese team failed to climb the summit there was a tan avalanche which wiped Pung Gyen monastery. The locals then blamed them for upsetting the spirit. The all-girls’ team led by Yuko Maki first conquered Manaslu in 1956. Even though the climb to the summit is tough, the Manaslu circuit trek is very famous among the tourist.


Last but not least, here comes the most beautiful mountain peak. Annapurna means “fulfiller of grains” in Nepali and is also worshiped as a god of harvest. Annapurna is the first among Eight Thousand meters mountain to be climbed.

In 1950, Maurice Herzon and Louis Lachenel successfully climb the summit. The Annapurna range extends for 34 miles which include other high peaks like Annapurna I, II, III, etc. Also, it is the most popular area for trekkers and climbers after Everest. Annapurna Base Camp trek and Annapurna Circuit trek is very famous.

Besides these peaks of height over eight thousand, there are numerous other mountains peaks as like Gyachung Kang, Himalchuli, Nuptse, Ngadi Chuli, etc all above 7000m. Annapurna is not just the tallest mountain in the world but also a beautiful one.


Planning to explore this nation with tallest mountain in the world? Then you should definitely book your trip with us here. We ensure that you will make the best memories of life. Enjoy the beauty of tallest mountain in Nepal.

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