Steps to find the top trekking company in Nepal


Dont know how to find the best trekking company in Nepal? Here is the guide to find Nepal trekking company.

If you are emphatic about visiting Nepal, that one thing swirling in your mind would be “Which is the Nepal best trekking company and what are the steps I could find them?”

A good trekking agency can make the difference between sound and economic trek experience to a total mess and overpriced trekking. If numbers of trekking agency could determine the size of the country, Nepal would be one of the biggest in the world.  In other words, I mean there are thousands of travel agency all over Nepal. 

So just a plan to visit Nepal isn’t enough- disburse some time to choose the best out of top-ranked trekking agency have great days ahead. Hope your guideline to choose the best top trekking company in Nepal would be of great help to you.


Know your expectations

trekking company in Nepal
Trekking company in Nepal

Way before you choose your trekking agencies, know where you want to go and what kind of services and facility you except from your operator. Set your mind for the budget you are willing to spend, the time you have and the level of comfort.

Before deciding your destination, consider your fitness level, the language you want your guides to speak or any other philanthropic activities you want to include in your trek.

Read all client’s Review and Testimonials

Read the experience of previous trekkers to get the idea of amenities available. Read the review in their website, Google and wherever possible. But the best place to read is TripAdvisor’s and Lonely planet review- they are trustworthy. You cannot find the best trekking company in Nepal without reading all good and bad reviews. Please contact us here and book your best trek in Nepal.

Government Authorization and TAAN Membership

Trekking company in Nepal
Trekking company in Nepal

The legally opened trekking agencies in Nepal requires registration with Nepal Government, Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Tourism Board(NTB). If the company has a valid license then only move on to the next step. 

Check the valid documents in the agencies’ website or ask them for legal documents in the chat box.

Compare cost and facilities

For the same trekking route, and the mountain views trekking agency has huge prices breach.

Don’t settle for the cheapest (Generally emerging agency allows the cheapest trek). Compare the cost with the facility to get the best money value packages.  Check if they have pick-up and drops services, proper accommodation throughout the trip, responsible guides and even rescue operation in case of emergency. There may be additional services with higher priced packages.

Check the clarity on services

A professional trekking company gives you clear information about the requirements and prices. Their service and facility information is clear.

There might be some hidden cost on the service or taxes. If they didn’t give you clear information, move on, start from step 1.

Know the safety standers

Trekking can be a dangerous activity and it’s good to take necessary precautions on time. Make sure your agency helps during times of emergency- check their safety standards and good safety records.

You might also need helicopter evacuations in the worst scenario- ask them if they have such a provision. Safety standard is important for trekking company in Nepal. Please contact us here and book your best trek in Nepal.

Talk to Previous trekkers

Trekking company in Nepal
Trekking company in Nepal

Don’t select an agency without talking to least one previous trekker. They might have some recommendation, some dos and some don’ts.

Ask his/ her experience and the facilities they received. Compare the one he got with yours and make the decision.

Know the Guides and porters

Guides are the most important factors to shape your trek experience. Make sure the agency you chose has a guide with valid certificates. Ask for the guides who can speak the language you are comfortable with. If you want, you can also interview the guide before making a decision. Friendly guide and porter are important for trekking company in Nepal.

Also, ask them the number of porters they would provide.

Repeat the step for a couple of times and make a list of best ones you want to try. Then compare them to book your trip. And HAVE A WONDERFUL JOURNEY TO NEPAL.

Please contact us here and book your best trek in Nepal.

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