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8 best Places to Visit Bandipur of Nepal- Cost, Bus, Hotel, best-time


This article writes about everything you need to know about Visit Bandipur of Nepal. It includes the Cost for Bandipur Visit, Places to visit in Bandipur, Getting a bus to Bandipur, and Hotels in Bandipur and all.

Bandipur, a beautiful hilltop town at the foothills of Himalayas is famous for its beauty and hospitality. Bandipur is among the most beautiful towns in Nepal, also known for preserving its unique history and culture over time. The place offers the most beautiful panorama of the Annapurna Range, the Dhaulagiri, Lang tang, and Manaslu along with an experience of an old aged Newari culture to the visitors.


About Bandipur:

Bandipur is Located at 27.5° N and 84.25° E at the elevation of 1030m above sea level, in Tanahu District. It is 143 km west of the Kathmandu and 73 km south of Pokhara with a population of 15,591 and 3,750 households.

Bandipur is inhabited by the Magars and the Newars from Bhaktapur (migrated to the place in the early nineteenth century). Then the Newars developed Bandipur as a stop on India-Tibet trade route. Other ethnic groups in the place are Brahmins, Damais, Kamis, Sarkis, Chhetries, Newars, Magars, Gurungs, and Kasais. Visit Bandipur of Nepal is full of cultural perks.

Visit Bandipur of Nepal
Visit Bandipur of Nepal

Getting a bus to Bandipur

You can get a bus to Dumre from New Bus park or Kalanki (4 hours of drive). From Dumre, the bus to Bandipur leaves in every half an hour(30 minutes of drive). Here is the map to Bandipur.

From Pokhara also, get a bus to Dumre from Lakeside Buspark or Prithivi Chowk and then to Bandipur.

Best time to visit Bandipur

The spring, March to May receives the maximum tourist flow in best time to Visit Bandipur of Nepal. But the place is an all-season destination, you can visit Bandipur at any time of the year. Bandipur can experience snowfall during Winter.

Hotels in Bandipur Nepal

There are many hotels to spend a night in Bandipur from the homestay to luxurious hotels. The hotel room can cost $15 to $100. Dinner and breakfast are relatively cheaper- costs $4 to $6.

Taste the Local Food

Trying the local Newari food is the best part of Visit Bandipur of Nepal. You can try The Newari set (Samya Baji) that will make your mouth water in one view. You can also try Choila (roasted buff meat), Tho (rice beer) and Kachila (raw marinated buff meat). You can also tastes other best foods in Nepal.

Best Places to Visit Bandipur of Nepal

Bandipur village a prodigious hill-top near to the capital is a beautiful place to visit. There are many places to visit in Bandipur Nepal which are of great natural beauty. Here is the list of 8 best Places to Visit Bandipur of Nepal.

Khadga Devi Temple

This historic place in Bandipur is a pilgrimage site for Newar community. The Shrestha caste of Newar community regards Khadga Devi Temple as their mother temple. The temple doesn’t look huge- it rather looks like a private house and preserves a sword of the king of Palpa, Mukunda Sen from the 16th century. The sword is believed to be gifted to the king by Lord Shiva. The temple demonstrates woman power where Khadga Devi means the goddess of the sword.
The temple opens only on the seventh day of Fulpati.

Visit Bandipur of Nepal
Visit Bandipur of Nepal

Padma Library

Located at the center of the Bandipur Bazaar, Padma library was built by the special permission from the Ranas. It reflects the power of Bandipur during that era of Nepal. The library is famous for its unique architecture and design. The books from the time of Rana administration is kept in the village and thus preserving the historical sources of the village.

Bindabasini Temple

Located on the north part of the Bandipur Bazaar this pagoda-style temple has a picture of Bindabasini goddess. There are also the idols of the other goddess and a beautifully carved temple. During the new year, the picture of the goddess Bindabasini in kept in a chariot. Contact us here and we will take you to all these places for Visit Bandipur of Nepal.

Thani Mai Temple

This temple located in the hill-top offers the visitors with beautiful mountains view and the village downhill. Despite being a religious spot, this temple is known for a spot for the spectacular sunrise. The hike is less than an hour from Bazzar.


It’s nothing but a here large ground on the north of the Bandipur. Previously, it was a spot for the traders to gather sell the goods from Tibet and India. The Gurkha soldiers used it as a parade ground.

These days, this ground is a viewpoint for beautiful mountain peaks like Dhaulagiri (8,167 m), Langtang (7,264 m), Ganesh Himal (7,406 m), Machhapuchhare (6,997 m) and Manaslu (8,162 m).

Silkworm Farm

Many visitors prefer a visit around the Silkworm farm (it’s about a 4- minute walk from Bandipur). It’s a silk production factory which shows a detailed process of manufacturing silk from the silkworm. There is a large mulberry plants farm. Generally, the worm is raised indoors from August to December and March to May.

Mahalaxmi Temple

It is located at the southeast of the Bandipur Bazaar. The temple build in pagoda style dates back to the medieval period and reflects the unique artworks of Bhimsen and various animals.

Visit Bandipur of Nepal
Visit Bandipur of Nepal

Siddha Cave:

The Siddha Cave (Sidhha Gupha) is the largest cave of Nepal- 50 meters high and 437 meters deep. This is definitely the best place for Visit Bandipur of Nepal. The Cave is popular as a hiking route from Bimalnagar on Prithvi Highway. Further, the cave interior has stalactites and the bats making the noise that add thrill to the environment inside the cave. You can also see a structure of Lord Ganesh face and a Shiva Linga.

The cave is quite far from Bandipur (about a couple hour of descent). You can climb down from Siddha Cave and join Prithvi Highway in less than an hour, but getting back to Bandipur from Siddha Cave is hard.


Bandipur of Nepal is a beautiful village which can be explored in a short period of time. Contact us here and book your trek to Bandipur during any time on the year. Make the best kinds of arrangements and enjoy your trip in affordable price.

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