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A Fishing Trip in Nepal


Fishing is a famous adventure sport that needs patience and time. It’s not a thrilling fun like skydiving, but the adventure freaks find it interesting. Nepal is rich in different sources of water (its world’s second richest country in water resources) which have a lot of still water and flowing currents. Thus, Nepal is an ideal destination for fishing in all sense. Rivers like Trisuli, Karnali, Koshi, Indrawati e.t.c are the major fishing spots. Here is the detail of fishing in Nepal.

Along with fishing, we can also enjoy camping and rafting along the side of rivers while you enjoy our fishing trip. Recently, the number of tourists going for a fishing trip in Nepal along with Rafting and Camping has tremendously increased. You can find various species of fishes in Nepal, the most popular ones being Golden Mahseer.


Popular Fishing Rivers

Seti Karnali River

The Seti Karnali is the combination of two major long rivers that flows in the southern part of Nepal. Seti originates from southern part flows to joins Karnali at the lower ends. It is popular not just for white water rafting but known as a fishing destination.

There are multiple fishing points in this 172 KM in places like Kohelpur, Scorpian beach, Jungle Ghat, God’s House, Strip, Thulighat, Rato Bhale Gaun, Juicer, and Flip are the famous spots for fishing in this river. You can catch different species of fish including Sahar, Bokar, giant catfish, silver mahseer (Tor tor), and many more.

You will enjoy fishing and camping during your 4 or 10 days trip. The trip includes fishing, camping, rafting and exploration of different unique flora and fauna.

Karnali River

Karnali is Nepal’s longest river originated near Tibetan Plateau and mixes with the Sharda river in India. Karnali covers a total of 507 KM. Fishing in Karnali River is a unique experience because of the wide range of aquatic life found in Karnali that includes Turtles, Dolphins, and Mansheer fish.

Just like the Seti Karnali trip, you can include rafting, camping, and fishing. Also, you will witness a wide range of variety of flora and fauna during your trip. Karnali is an ideal spot for rafting because of it’s current and width. You will be camping and rafting during most of the days to reach different beaches and rivers such as Scorpion Beach and Seti Karnali River.

Fishing Season in Nepal

Fishing is possible during any time of the year except for the monsoon season because of the current of rivers. During monsoon, the rivers get wild and wide. Additionally, its current increases, thus it is difficult to get fish.

Cost of a fishing trip in Nepal

The cost of a fishing trip in Nepal depends on the location and number of days of your trip. So we cannot determine the price until we know your requirements.

Contact us here and let us know your requirement for the fishing trip to Nepal and we will guarantee the best service at a minimum price.

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