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Hiring a Nepal Travel Guide and Nepal Porter to Everest:


It’s obvious that your travel package includes the cost of guide and porters. But then, if you want to manage it all by yourself, finding Hiring a Nepal Travel Guide and Nepal Porter to Everest needs some efforts. Here is everything you need to know about hiring a guide and porter in Nepal.


Where to Nepal Travel Guide or Nepal Porter:

Usually, the trekking agency in Kathmandu or Pokhara will provide you with a good guide and porters. The guides will join your journey from Kathmandu and the Porter guide can be hired from Lukla, Kathmandu or Jiri. Usually, it’s better to get the one who has been working on the mountain. Generally, the Sherpa porter is preferred for their strength.
If you have personal contact with some guide, they might also help you find the porter. Otherwise, you can make a request to the agency. You might want to learn about guide in Annapurna.

Nepal Travel Guide
Nepal Guide

Why hire Guide and porter to Everest?

If you are wondering if you should hire a guide for Everest Base Camp trek, you will definitely need one. A guide will provide you with safe and informed trekking, help you connect to the local people and make- you familiar with the Geography. It will obviously help to promote Nepal’s local economy, but also minimize your risk of getting lost or falling sick.
Further, based on your physical fitness, carrying up to 15kg of the backpack should not be a major problem during a trek. But then it will be very tiring after a few hours of walk that you cannot move forward with it. Anything heavier will make you fatigued and result in a painful trek.
It’s your choice to hire a guide and a porter or both. Alternatively, you can also hire a guide cum porter who will serve for both of the purposes.

Cost for Nepal Travel Guide and Nepal porter

The amount paid to the guide, or porter (or the porter-guide) can vary quite a lot. Some guides are very expensive while some agree for a small sum. The experience of the guide and his versatility might make the difference.

Nepal travel guide- the one with a lot of knowledge to share and a few jokes might cost you between $20 to $30 per day.

Strong Mountain Porter, who’ll have your warm clothes waiting for you at the other end cost you between $15 to $20.

Porter-Guide, the Jack-Of-All-Trades, who talks less but also carries your stuff cost you between $25 to $35.
All prices are quoted in US Dollars.

The price includes the food, accommodation, insurance and trekking gear of the Nepal travel guide and porter but not his transportation.

Nepal Travel Guide
Nepal Travel

Tips for Hiring a Guide

• Ensure both your guides and porters are license holders and also has insurance policies for themseleves
• Make sure they have previous experience
• Make sure they are fluent in the language you feel comfortable with
• Avoid children and underaged guides.
• Try to know them well by building a friendly relationship.


Hope this will help you book the perfect Nepal travel guide and porter.

Do you have any queries for the trek? Contact us and we will make all the arrangements for you including booking your trip.

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