Everest Trek to Base Camp
Everest Region Trek

10 Tips for Everest Trek to Base Camp:


Heading to the majestic trek to Everest base camp is not the scary daunting experience but it’s a lot of fun coming to your way. Heading to the Everest Trek to Base Camp using the power of your own two feet is definitely challenging, but offers a lot of fun. Everest Base Camp Elevation make this a popular trekking destination in Nepal and that’s for a beautiful reason. This trek is surely an adventure and there are no exact words to describe this heavenly experience. But hours of walk in the rugged and steep trail might be a pain to your body. Here are some trekking tips to Everest Base Camp that will make your journey even more prodigious.


Prepare your body:

Your shanks need some training before the trip. Okay, I don’t mean you need some expert climbing experience as an Olympian, but you need to meet a good standard of fitness. It’s obvious that the less drained you are, the better.

For training, you can go for several long walks around a month earlier and take strength training at the gym that focuses on your legs in particular. Besides gym, aerobic exercises as swimming and jogging is a good way to build up endurance skills. Or, you can just take a helicopter fight to Everest.

Everest Trek to Base Camp

Prepare your mind:

The sick mentality might make your return from halfway. For the Everest Base Camp, don’t let your tired brain take over your strength.  Be aware of the local-run tea house accommodation and the demands of the rising altitude. The best way is to accept the thoughts of fare and figure out how to change them.

Yeah, have trust in yourself and faith in efforts you have put into Everest Trek to Base Camp.

 Bring cash in Rupees:

There are not any ATMs during the route and the exchange rates are also very dismal. So bring cash in rupees with you- at least $200 worth.

Bring your own tea:

Note that tea is very expensive during Everest Trek to Base Camp. It will be way cheaper to buy some hot water and then use your own tea bags. You can bring different varieties of tea.

Everest Trek to Base Camp Gear

Trekking gear as Trekking poles, gloves, socks, down jackets, hats,  sleeping bags .etc. might be cheap in the Everest region, but they are all fake. For the good quality Mountain Hardwear, North Face, and Marmot clothing shop at authentic stores for proper mountaineering equipment in Kathmandu. Trekking Everest without a guide needs some more attention about buying gear.

 Bring a lot of chocolate:

Pringles and chocolate are way expensive in EBC. During the walk, having your own little starch for treats feels good. You can have some with you or buy it in Kathmandu.

Everest Trek to Base Camp
Everest Trek to Base Camp

Best Seat on the Flight to Lukla:

Flight to Lukla is among the most adventurous flight in the world. The Himalayas are on the left and that’s where you are supposed to be the first glimpse of Mount Everest. The awe-inspiring view will help you to build excitement. Book your flight to Everest with us here.

Don’t eat meat after Namche Bazaar:

Note that they do not kill animals in the mountain in the Everest region. Sherpas carry the meat up the mountain region and it is not guaranteed to be fresh.

Don’t Fear the suspension bridges

Yeah, the suspension bridges look hell scary, but then they are fun. Don’t worry, they won’t break so easily as they seem to and are safer then they appear. You will actually enjoy walking along the bridges and the gorges.

Keep batteries close to your body at all times.

Charging batteries might be hell expensive during the Everest Trek to Base Camp. Keep them close to you, sleep with them in your sleeping bags.  The cold drains the charging batteries quickly, so extend their life by keeping them warm.


To book our Everest Trek to Base Camp, contact us here. We guarantee you an amazing stay at the best price. Our Itinerary is fun and flexible.

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