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Nepal safety to travel Is Nepal safe for female traveler:


Here the question Is Nepal safe for female traveler? Generalizing the condition, Nepal Safety for solo female travelers. In fact, Nepal is considered one of the safest country in Asia, even safer than its nearby neighborhood, India.


Nepal Safety condition

As a woman, travelling in some part of the world shows bad ambiance. It feels as if there are many restrictions just because of your gender. Unfortunately, this can deter your excitement from travelling to a particular destination and stay back home. Being a member of a western society (where equality is antecedent) it’s hard to face that it’s not always the case in other part of the world. From the clothes you were to the tattoos that you can impact your safety during the trip. In some countries, being a solo female traveler is a different and eye-opening experience than traveling with the groups.

Is Nepal safe for female traveler?
Is Nepal safe for female traveler?

As it’s well known that tourism is the staple of the Nepalese economy, it is respected category of society.  And female individuals make a huge part of this tourism industry. Being a solo female traveler, you don’t need to feel insecure in the capital and some other famous trekking routes. Like all other tourist, solo female travelers are also welcomed graciously. You will meet a number of women solo travelers during your trekking route and this is no surprise. In fact, the number of solo women travelers in Nepal is quite impressive.

How to make Nepal safe for female traveler

But then, sometimes things might go otherwise as well. It is very crucial to have in mind that some solo trekkers (even male) go missing every year. There have also been few cases of murders and attacks on solo female travelers. Sexual harassment is a low-key in Nepal safety, but does exist. You might have to face occasional catcalls, even an attempt to brush against you or staring, but the case is nowhere near as worst as in India or some North African countries.  

Nepal Safety
Nepal Safety

Getting familiar with the local culture can get you better treatment as a female traveler. Use some common sense and simple precaution, you will  fell a huge difference.

If you are travelling solo, i suggest to book trips to popular trekking place in Nepal rather than the remote region. If it’s your first time in Nepal, booking a guided Nepal trip is always a good idea.

Final Thoughts!

That was all about Nepal safety. Contact us here to complete your booking to any part of Nepal. We can arrange your trip with other female friends who are willing to explore the same region. Hope we can make your stay in Nepal fun and safe.

Happy trekking!!

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