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6 tips for first time female solo traveler Nepal should know before visiting:


Generally, Nepal is safe for solo female traveler. In fact, Nepal is said to be safer than many other African and Asian countries including its nearby neighborhood, India. Solo travel Nepal is popular for all gender, but Nepal can be a ideal place for female solo traveler blog.

But then things might go otherwise sometimes. Learn if Nepal is safe for female travelers. So it’s always better to know these things as a female solo traveler during visit to Nepal. Here I have listed some precautions solo female traveler should consider before visiting Nepal:


Dress modestly

Being an equalist and a feminist I feel shame writing this about my country- but this is the truth. Some Nepalese men have peculiar ideas about the skin showing dress suggesting the availability of a woman in their bed. Sadly, your dress reflects your character.

The key to your safety is to dress in a way that everything is fairly covered. And don’t have on any jewelry that looks expensive.

female solo traveler
Female solo traveler

Don’t stay out late

Here’s the most important trip to your safety- don’t stay outside late at night. And by late night, I didn’t mean 2 am, I mean 7 pm.
10 pm walk in the stress of Lakeside and Thamel is not an issue, but walking alone in the night at the dark streets isn’t safe. In the trekking routes, check-in before 7 pm and don’t roam alone after that. Solo female traveler should be careful in the remote region.

Dealing with a trekking guide Nepal

You won’t need any guide for a visit to places as Kathmandu, Pokhara or Chitwan. But for trekking to the Himalayas Base camp, you should have one. They will not only show you the route and arrange your accommodation, but become your friend during the trip.

As for the male guides in Nepal, many of them are faithful and genuine in their work. But some of guides take the acquisition of their status of the trust. So prior to the trek, take the picture of him and his license and share it with your friends and family for safety. You can politely explain to him the reason before you ask him for the photos.

The best advice could be taking a female guide. But female guides are rear in Nepal. The best place to get one is 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking in Pokhara.

The idea of romance for Nepalese man

Many men in Nepal men are known for “Lothario” qualities. As unemployment is exalted in Nepal, Nepalese men use cheap romance idea as a wild card to escape safely from their country. Or else a quick romance can often mean a long free trek and free meals for many men. Sadly, some Nepalese men also have a “bedpost notch” mentality of “bedding foreign” women.
Not everyone thinks the same, you might also find a great partner in Nepal but this is frequent. But then, it’s always your choice to be in any kind of relationship.

Think before you check-in

For booking your hotel, instead of price, go for the reputation- rating, and reviews. You don’t need a luxurious one, but book a place that makes you feel easy and safe. You can book a stay in Home-stay for friendly tour.

Some years back, there was a case where an American lady was attacked by the owner of the hotel she checked. If you have already booked the hotel, but then if it didn’t resemble your expectation, cancel the booking immediately and look for the next one.

female solo traveler
Female solo traveler

Female solo traveler should Know everything

Before making a solo trip to Nepal, have the detail information on the travel route and the safety measures. Know everything about the places you would be going and things you would be doing. A brief travel planning is always helpful. Also, be aware of native people, culture, and tradition- you need to behave accordingly.


Here I have been listing so much of suggestion that you might have started re-considering on your solo trip plans. But these lists are only to avoid the possible risk- Nepal is safe in general. All you need to do is using some common sense and following some local ethics for a sound stay to a female solo traveler.

Contact us here so that you can book a trip to part of Nepal. We can also arrange your trek with other female who are willing to visit Nepal. Hope you experience a safe trek to Nepal.

Happy trekking!!

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