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Looking for the best places for Nepal rafting? For are you wondering what is Nepal River rafting season? or about rafting in Nepal price. You have just came to the rectitude spot.

The Himalayas of Nepal is not just for sightseeing- they have blessed us with 6000 swift flowing rivers. These rivers have not only made us the second richest country in water resource, Nepal is one of the world’s best white water rafting destinations. It is essentially an adventurer’s paradise!

Floating in silence down at the sun-bathed river and ending with a fire camp on sparkling white river beaches far away from clamoring cities sounds just a piece from your dream, doesn’t it? White water rafting in this country isn’t all about the adrenaline; it will get you to the countryside, and experience a different side of Nepal’s beauty.

And the number of option leaves you more confused about choosing the best rafting river in Nepal. Here, our effort might help you.


Trishuli Rafting

It’s the most popular rafting blotch in Nepal- and there’s a reason. The river is near to the capital (three hours west of Kathmandu) and has enough thrills for the first time experience. It has a number of big bouncy rapids and nice spots for cliff jumps, to swim and great scenery. And the best, Trishuli rafting operates around the year- you don’t possibly need to wait for the season.

Nepal rafting
Rafting in Nepal

You can easily add the Trishuli rafting in the middle of your tour to Pokhara and Chitwan without getting late of your schedule. You can also add canyoning, village treks, rock climbing, and the famous Hindu temple- Manakamana. This is the best Nepal rafting Trishuli.

Pro: Favorable location, all around the year
Cons: Less number of rapids
Difficulty: Beginners
Class: III

Bhote Koshi River

The beautiful river, couples of hours north-east of Kathmandu, perfectly settles between mid-sized hills and a lot of farming villages along the bank.

The Bhote Koshi River (which means Tibetan river) offers a longer raftable stretch. The river has plenty of fun for a couple of hours in the cool and refreshing water of Bhote Koshi. And the overnight stay in one of the river camps along the way (they may get busy and noisy during peak season) would be a great experience. Nepal rafting in Bhotekoshi is close to capital.
Trust me, in the end, you will yell, “I can’t believe I did it. I DID IT!”

Pro: Fresh environment and rapidly flowing water
Cons: Some rapids can make beginners timid
Grades: Class III to V
Difficulty: Suits all skill levels

Upper Seti River Rafting

With the quick adrenaline rush of over 40 minutes, Upper Seti has a quick adrenaline rush. The landslide rapid makes it one of the most challenging rapids of Upper Seti. Its starting point is just 30 minutes from Pokhara.

Upper Seti is an ideal place for rafting, but it’s not possible all around the year, mid-September and October is considered best.

Pro: more rapids for the high adrenaline rush
Cons: Short trip
Grades: Class III – IV
Difficulty: Intermediate

Kaligandaki River Nepal Rafting

If adventure is in your nerves, 3 days rafting trip to Kaligandaki is the ideal spot. Rafters looking for more than a mere day trip- long and challenging encounters, will absolutely fall in love with the Kali Gandaki.

Kali Gandaki brings you closer to the deep river gorges and the circuit is filled with enchanting scenery. The journey combines challenging rapids with the calm white waters, remote villages and sandy beaches, region’s wildlife and the majestic waterfalls. Kali Gandaki is one of the holiest rivers in Nepal- you can see numerous Hindu rituals taking place on the banks. This is the craziest Nepal rafting.

Pros: So much of thrill and experiences
Cons: Requires longer time
Grades: Class IV – V
Difficulty: Suits all skill levels

Nepal rafting
Nepal rafting

Sun Koshi River Rafting

Sun Koshi flows with pride right from the highest peaks of the world. Imagine- you can dive into the majesty of the Himalayas right before it joins the Ganges. Not just the best in Nepal, Sun Koshi river rafting is rated as top ten river rafting adventures in the world. The adventure starts after 3 hours from Kathmandu.

The forested canyons and gorges with Class III-IV rapids that stretches to the dense jungle with chattering monkeys would be a great experience- it’s not just about rafting. Further, one can enjoy passing local villages, exotic beaches and visit the remote temple. Nepal rafting in Seti is going to be fun.

Pro: blends rafting thrill with nature and culture of Nepal
Cons: Long trip that might be expensive for you
Nepal rafting Grade: Class III – IV
Perfect for: Nature and adventure lovers


So ready for the rafting trip to Nepal?

If you are planning it know, Contact us here. We can arrange your rafting trips to any parts of Nepal. Best wishes for Nepal rafting.

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