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Nepal Backpacking 1 week trip guide to Nepal


Fascinated by the mysterious country with the majestic Himalayas? The promise of raw adventure, rare wildlife, towering Himalayan peaks, and ancient culture. Nepal Backpacking 1 week is fun and also very economic. And just a week in Nepal is not just enough in this country. If you wish to spend a couple of months backpacking, eating local delicacies and hitchhiking world’s most pimped out Lorries, rafting in the wilderness, you will need some Backpacking trip guide to Nepal. A couple of month in Nepal would need some pre-planning and some cheap tricks knowledge.

Backpacking Nepal alone is just the right place for bargains- you can haggle anywhere for the best deals. The landscapes around are simply most striking and if you make some effort to get off the beaten track, backpacking Nepal would be a fun adventure. In the end, Nepal would be one of your favorite countries Nepal in a backpacking feast!


Visa to Nepal

Nepal Backpacking
Nepal Backpacking

On arrival at the land borders or the airport, citizens of most countries are eligible for visa-on-arrival. All you need is your passport and $25 for 15-day tourist visa, $40 (30 days) and $100 (90 days). Using USD would be cheaper than using Nepali Rupees and Indian Rupees. Isn’t it a cheap rate for backpackers tourist?

Travel in Nepal Bus

Backpacking in Nepal means looking for cheaper mode of transportation. Taxis can go harsh on your pocket- try getting a local bus. I know this doesn’t sound easy for Nepal, but for long destination take buses (Tourist buses ensures a higher standard of comfort) rather than taxis.
You might also avoid local air flight and instead take a bus for all the places possible.

This might be the best Nepal Backpacking tips. 🙂

Stay in Hostel in Nepal

Nepal has hostels that range for cheapest to highest price.
The cheapest dorm room can be available at $4 to other mid-range hotels at around $10. The destination as Lakeside and Thamel might get price hike during peak season so you can spend a night at other less evaded destination for the best deals.

Food Nepal Backpacking

Nepal Backpacking
Nepal Backpacking 1 weeks

Cooking facilities in hostels are rare in the case of Nepal. If you wish to spend a month, you can be the paying guest at some houses. But you can also eat at some mid-range restaurant- Nepal has a cheap menu. You can get dinner for less than $3 at many places. The key is- use your instincts if the place looks dirty from outside don’t eat there. Know the foods you must try while in Nepal.

And most importantly, water is not safe to drink- buy bottled or boiled water every time.

Remember that medical treatment in Nepal is expensive, and the quality is poor at most places outside the Kathmandu and Pokhara. Make sure you have appropriate travel health insurance during the case of an emergency. These Nepal Backpacking will surely be helpful for you.


Wifi is accessible in many hotels in cities- you need to pay some dollars for wifi for mountain trekking. International calling cards are cheaply available in Nepal.

Respecting Culture

A smile with “Namaste” to greet the Nepalese is the best way to impress them. Avoid wearing shorts and sleeveless tops in general, a full-covered cloth is preferred especially in temples and other holy places. You need to take your shoes off while getting inside a temple. It is considered polite to take shoes off when entering a home or host.

Who knows, a polite guest can get some more discount.


So ready for the backpacking trip of Nepal?

If you are plan it know, Contact us here. May be we can arrange cheap or free guides for you and also home stay. We will be more than willing to help your Nepal Backpacking.

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