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Yoga Trek in Nepal: Do yoga while trekking in Mardi Himal


Yoga Trek in Nepal with the proximity of Himalayas is an awesome experience. This is a guide for Nepal yoga trekking in Mardi Base Camp.

Mardi Himal is now amongst the most prodigious routes in the Annapurna Region. Not just for the foreigners, its also famous amongst the Nepalese youths. The elevation is low, the distance is less and the view is just stunning. Like every other Himalayas in Nepal, Mardi Himal is equally captivating and gives the spiritual vibes. Being closer to the Himalayas and still not far from the valley, it’s a well-known destination for yogis. Just a few days of a walk and you get be getting the yoga classes from certified masters in the lap of Himalayas.


Why Yoga Trek in Nepal Mardi?

Mardi Himal is an amazing place guided by green lush forest, the stunning view of the Himalayas and peaceful air at a lower elevation. All you need to do is remain calm and slow. You will have more than enough time for Yoga and Meditation as the walking hours are less- less than 4 hours including a tea break.

Here is the Mardi Himal Trek Map.

Who can join this Mardi Yoga retreat?

You don’t need previous hiking experiences for Mardi Himal trek. Previous experiences would be a plus, but you can do well without it. Any yoga enthusiast can join this yoga retreat.

Yoga Trek in Nepal
Yoga Trek in Nepal

What made Mardi Yoga Trek unique?

From the majestic mountains to Melodies of birds, from the hills to the waterfalls, from height to Heaven Mardi Yoga Trek has everything to offer. The location is just perfect and the air is cold. It’s a real skip for the hectic city life to the paradise of claimless. Further, it remove all the anxiety and anxiety and get lost in the love of Himalayas. Learn about the Weather in Mardi Base Camp.

Benefits of Yoga Trek in Nepal:

• Every day, there is something new to learn;
• You will feel calm and free from the hectic life of your place,
• You will meet People and be friends with other crazy people like yourself,
• You will get to Know yourself and challenge yourself,
• You will get to experience a different kind of and feel alive

Highlights of Mardi Base Camp yoga Trek:

• You can visit many ancients heritages site in Kathmandu.
• Get to have an ancient yoga practice and shares the Philosophy of Yoga.
• Learn with a certified yoga teacher
• Trekking to the world’s most prodigious destination “Mardi Base Camp”
• Visit Ancient Monasteries and Gompas in the Region.

Mardi Base Camp Yoga Trek Nepal costs

The Yoga Trek in Nepal Mardi Base Camp cost around 500 to 750 USD per person including permits, guides, and porters, food and accommodation. How much does the trek costs? Read here.

Mardi Base Camp Yoga Permits:

You can get the visa for Nepal on arrival at the Kathmandu international airport. Trekking permits will be arranged by your travel agency. Also , they are the same as per Mardi Base Camp permit.

Accommodation for Mardi Trek:

During the Yoga Trek in Nepal, you will be spending nights in hotels and Tea Houses run by the local communities. Tea houses are basic but have a comfortable room, mostly with two beds in each room. Further, there would be Common dining hall for meals and you will get to choose anything they have from the menu.

Here is how you can trek Mardi Himal without a guide.

Yoga Trek in Nepal
Yoga Trek in Nepal

Itinerary for Mardi Yoga Trek:

The trip starts with the visit of Kathmandu City visit. Then you can drive or fly to Pokhara from Kathmandu. The trek would be around a week long from Pokhara and we shall spend a couple of hours each morning an evening for yoga will continue to our destination slowly during the day.


Interested for trying Nepal ? Contact us here for the full itinerary. Book our Yoga Trek in Nepal Mardi Himal here. We will make arrangements for your stay in Nepal.

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