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Upper Mustang trek Nepal Cost: A detail report


Upper Mustang trek Nepal leads you to the hidden Buddhist kingdom Mustang, also called Lo. Upper Mustang Nepal was an independent empire of Tibet for many years. Even today, Tibetan Buddhism is being practiced in the purest form. The villages having whitewashed houses are built in Tibetan style, with firewood tucked on the roofs. For so many years, the region was forbidden for the tourist. It’s only around a couple of decades back, when the government permitted the foreigners to the are with a special permit. The region is not just prodigious for its landscape and cultural beauty, it is also one of the most expensive trekking destinations of Nepal.


Upper Mustang trek Nepal Permit Cost:

Upper Mustang has been a forbidden area until 1992 for foreign visitors. Nowadays foreigners with a special permit can trek to the Upper Mustang. The permit cost for Upper Mustang is US$ 500 per person which is valid for 10 days. A registered trekking agency should arrange the permit. For each additional day, you need to pay US$ 50). Plus you will also need Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) permit which cost NPR 2000 (about USD 20) per person. Learn more about the Permit Costs here.

Upper Mustang trek Nepal
Upper Mustang trek Nepal

Upper Mustang Transportation costs:

You shall spend a considerable part of your budget for transportation. The flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara cost around US $120 and to around US $100. This is the cost for one way flight.

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Upper Mustang trek Nepal Guide

Guides ensure your safety and guide you through the tough landscape. The cost of guide is $ 20 to $30 per day.

Upper Mustang Accommodation:

There are small tea houses in the region which serve you with food and accommodation. The room shall cost you around $10 for a night. Each room has 2 or 3 single bed.

Food is quite expensive in the Upper Mustang region. You might have to pay $7 to $10 for breakfast and dinner while the launch is comparatively cheaper.

Upper Mustang trek Nepal
Upper Mustang

Trekkers need gear that includes a pair of boots, gloves, socks, down suit, sleeping bags, etc which price around $200.

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Upper Mustang trek Nepal Miscellaneous costs

Further, including emergency-rescue insurance or trip cancellation coverage, phone, visa, and immunization, the overall miscellaneous charge reaches up to $300 to $500.


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