Manaslu circuit trek map
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Manaslu circuit trek map, best season


Manaslu circuit trek map guides you for this amazing trek. Manaslu Circuit Trek, titled as the “untouched” natural paradise rural valley trail, is monumental for its unwonted Mountain View and land topography. As you trek to the border between Nepal and Tibet, you settle your butt in the lap of Manaslu to feel the immense pleasure. Read all about Manaslu circuit trek best season, Manaslu circuit trek difficulty, and Manaslu circuit trek map.

Although being a perfect substitute of Annapurna Base Camp trek, ascending to the Manaslu circuit needs a special permit, making it less popular among tourist. This very fact makes it a peaceful exploration to the remoteness of the region and wilderness of the mountains.

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Manaslu circuit trek map
Manaslu circuit trek map


Things to see in Manaslu circuit trek

Well, not- the cultural differences of the people adjusted in this tough topography is another enticement of this region. Glaciers and moraines and sometimes the strenuous climbing stone steps would be the highlight of the trek. Spectacular suspension bridges, waterfalls, terraced fields and pasturelands add up the thrill to your hike. Never mention, the monasteries covered with colorful flags and encrypted with Buddhist prayers along with the bio-diversity one can experience while passing through subtropical jungle makes the trip just indelible. Learn the packing lists here.

Manaslu Circuit trek best season

Just like any other trekking destination, from mid-September to November (autumn) or March to May (spring) is the best time to explore Manaslu Base Camp. But when it comes to Manaslu circuit trek, any climates suit; as far as you avoid the monsoon, June to August.

Manaslu circuit trek guide

Well, yes it’s possible, but I suggest not to. Manaslu Circuit Trek is far more remote than Everest Base Camp trek and Annapurna Base Camp trek, so it’s not safe to go without a guide. When you can get one in less than $20 dollar a day, why to risk up things? If not a guide, hire a porter at who can make your trip far less strenuous and help give you a better insight into the culture.

Manaslu circuit difficulty

No real problem- Manaslu circuit trek is easily possible for people with average fitness. The trek is moderately hard, and easily possible if you go slow and steady.

Manaslu circuit trek map

Manaslu circuit trek map
Manaslu circuit trek map

Manaslu circuit trek map begins from Sotikhola, which is 8-9 hrs drive from Kathmandu. Then you hike for 5 to 6 hours to reach Machhakhola (930m) and another day you most probably crash at Jagat (1340m). From Jagat, you move to Dang (1860m) which is also around 5 hours of walk. Another day, you walk to Namrung (2660m) and then to Samagaun (3530m). This is where you spend a night and visit Manaslu Base camp the other day. After 7 days you leave Kathmandu, you can finally kiss your destination. The rest is all about descending back through the exact same route.


That was all about Manaslu Circuit trek Map. Hope your tips will help to make your journey easier.

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