Everest Base Camp Trek in March
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Everest Base Camp Trek in March: Everything you need to know


Most of the best-chosen trekking destinations in the earth are here at Nepal’s doorstep. When someone thinks of Nepal, the images of the majestic Mt. Everest conjures up in their mind. Just the imagination of standing at the foot of the highest mountain in the world gives everyone Goosebumps. If you are planning Everest Base Camp trek in March, here is a guide to you. What will the accommodation at Everest Base Camp in March? How channeling is Everest Base Camp weather in March and Everest Base camp temperature in March. Here’s the answer to all your question.

Nepal experiences the beauty of spring by March. As winter falls, the temperature just begins to warm up. Nature heels from the freezing winter with sprouting green grass and flowers. In the high mountains, early March is still a winter season in. The days are quite long and also much warmer. The temperature is perfect and the crowd is medium, not like April and May.

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Everest Base Camp weather in March:

Nepal’s climate is heavily affected by the winds coming from the Bay of Bengal to the south and also the Asian continent to its north. Besides these, the weather at the base camp is affected by the altitude. Right weather makes Everest Base Camp Trek in March amazing.


March brings a wave of warmer weather as the spring starts to dominate. Further, the chilly temperatures of winter increase to moderate warmth. The day temperature is 7 to 10 degrees which are great for the trek. But the night temperature can go below zero, -6℃ on -12℃. Know about the climate in April.

During early March, you might encounter the occasional snowfalls at high altitude. But the weather is more stable and dry. This makes the high altitude climb easy and smooth.

Trips Highlights

  • Adventurous flight to Lukla
  • Explore Namche Bazaar, a trade center at the highest altitude
  • Explore Sagarmatha National Park to witness the alpine wildlife like musk deer, Ghoral, and Himalayan Thar
  • Visit the biggest monastery in the Khumbu region at Tengboche.
  • Enjoy the view of the Khumbu Glacier, the largest glacier of Nepal.
  • Most breathtaking views of Mount Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Cho Oyu, etc from Himalayan Thar, and
  • Experience a unique culture of Sherpa culture.         

Weather Highlights

  • Sunny clear blue skies offering a breathtaking view of mountain vistas
  • Fewer chances of Rain
  • Daytime temperatures of around 7℃.
  • Sunshine for an average of 7 hours per day.

Other Recommended Treks in Everest Region

Everest region is the most beautiful place for trekking in the world. The world’s tallest mountain draws thousands of trekkers like a magnet. Besides, Everest Base Camp, there are many additional trekking routes on the Everest region. Each of them has their own uniqueness and challenges, but all of them are surely adventurous.

  • Kalapathar Trek
  • Everest Base Camp Cho-La Pass-Gokyo Trekking
  • Everest Base Camp Trek with Island Peak
  • Shivalaya to Everest Base Camp Trekking
  • Shivalaya-Gokyo-Chola Pass-EBC Trekking
Everest Base Camp Trek in March

Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek in March

March marks the beginning of the peak trekking seasons in Nepal and Everest Base Camp trek is no exception. So, planning an Everest Base Camp Trek in March require a fee preparation. Here’s the tip for Everest Base Camp Trek in March

  • Hire a Guide who would guide you to the path, recommend the best place for accommodation and teach you about the local culture. You can also hire a Porter if you wish a sound stay.
  • Although Everest Base Camp Trek in March does not require a technical climb and prior trekking experience, being physically fit and having excellent strength is important. For this, you can train your body a few months prior to the trek.
  • Prevent yourself from Altitude Sickness by drinking plenty of water, and taking appropriate rest days. High altitudes sickness can cause a decrease in breathing and weakness. Further, altitude sickness in the Himalayas can be deadly. You must take it seriously!
  • Since March is the beginning of peak season, the crowd can sometimes give you a hard time. Advance Booking at your flight and accommodations is not only safe but can sometimes be cheaper.
  • Always be prepared for all kind weather conditions like snowfall as well as the rain. Weather in the mountains fluctuates greatly and you must be prepared.


Everest Base Camp Trek in March is an amazing experience. Booking your Everest Base Camp tour with us here. We are committed to make your trip an awesome experience.

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