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Everest Base Camp guided trek: How to trek without guide?


Let us inform give you about Everest Base Camp guided trek.

Every adventure freaks are aware that Everest Base Camp Trek is among the most promising treks to conquer. Everyone is fascinated by the captivating beauty of Everest, but only a few are aware of the misery it might bring. Everest Base Camp guided trek is well arranged and easily accomplishable. But is Everest Base Camp trek without a guide possible? Is it compulsory to hire a guide during Everest Base Camp? Or can you do it by yourself? Let us avail you with Everest Base Camp Trek Guide.

Trekking to the lap of the world’s highest peak is itself a moment of gratitude while you get to follow the footsteps of Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hilary- the first ones to conquer Everest.


Everest Base Camp without guide: possible?

Everest Base Camp without a guide is definitely not a child’s play. But with the right preparation, it’s not impossible.

But what if I tell you that the trek to Everest’s Base is equally achievable without a guide? Shocked, right?

You hear the numerous tales about the beauty of Everest, but the tales of misery must have been augmented.

With no dubiety, hiring a guide is way easier and comfortable. But the experience without one of them is innumerable. And definitely economic. An experienced guide charges you 20-25 US dollars per day for their service.

But, you should be fully prepared for the challenges you are going to face-both physically as well as mentally.

Things to consider trekking without a guide:

Season :

Be meticulous while choosing the time you travel, that’s the factor making the crucial impact. Weather and temperature determine the difficulty you face during the trek. So, for a less challenging experience, pick the perfect time for the trek.

The best time for EBC Trek without a guide would definitely be autumn and spring. During the months of Autumn (September, October, November) and Spring (March, April, May) the trails are stuffed with other adventure freaks like yourself. So, there are fewer chances of getting lost.

Everest Base Camp guided trek
Everest Base Camp guided trek


The highest point of EBC trek is at Kalapatthar- 5545 meters from sea level. The trek becomes arduous as you move to a higher altitude.

Lukla- the starting point of the trek sits below 3000 meters which are already high enough for Acute Mountain sickness. So, just imagine reaching up 5545 meters on your feet. Not a joke, right?

Altitude sickness that brings you headache, fever, dizziness, diarrhea, and vomiting is very common during Everest Base Camp trek. As an independent trekker, make sure you look after the symptoms and have an insurance that covers helicopter evacuation.


The route to EBC trek is quite marked, thus simple in the lower elevations. But, as you get higher you need to walk through snowy and rocky trails, along the steep route and narrow ridges. You will have to cross several physically challenging and demanding passes.

During Everest Base Camp Trek, you need to cover the total distance of 130 kilometers on your feet. Make sure you have the maps of every possible route and all the necessary detail. in a Everest Base Camp guided trek, you don’t have to be worried of these stuffs.

Weather and Temperature:

If information of weather is important for Everest Base Camp guided trek/ Like all other high altitude treks, Everest Base camp also adduce you with uncertain weather conditions. Independent trekkers are likely to face a lot of challenges during winter and monsoon.
The day temperature in the region might be bearable, but the freezing high temperature is threatening. You should have the right gear to keep you warm during such times.

Advantages of Everest Base Camp guided Trek:

There is no dubitation that hiring a guide to Everest Base Camp is always advantageous. It is one of the most predicament treks you will ever conquer. So, hiring a guide is ideal for any trekker, be it experienced or a beginner.

A guide acts as a source of motivation and is a mentor who assures your safety and security. A guide with a sound knowledge of languages acts as a communicator between you and local villagers.

He/ she ensure that you are on the right route and help you do the necessary booking. It’s nice to know the place for yummy dinner in an unknown land, isn’t it? Finding a decent teahouse in the region can sometimes be challenging.

Everest Base Camp Trek in March
Everest Base Camp guided trek

Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek without a guide:

  • Proper training and Physical Exercise in advance
  • Acclimatization days to be included
  • Carrying appropriate trekking Gear
  • Learning a few basic local words
  • Have enough pre-planning phase
  • Make all the necessary booking during the trail


To sum up, it’s all your choice to hire a guide or not hire one. We strongly recommend Everest Base Camp guided trek.

We can arrange a Everest Base Camp guided trek for you. Come see our trips to Everest Base Camp here.

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