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Gokyo Ri Trek Cost: A Detail Report


The Gokyo Trek cost around USD 1500 to USD 2000 per person which covers the cost of the permit, transportation, accommodation, meal, guide, porter, and so on.

However, this cost differs as per the season you travel, activities you do and luxury you wish during your trek.

Gokyo trek is a famous trek to the Everest region that features unbelievably stunning scenery of Gokyo valley. Gokyo is the valley of turquoise glacial lakes that offers the mesmerizing views of mountain vistas that include Mount Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse, Mount Makalu, etc.

The trekking cost to Gokyo Ri depends on various factors such as:

  • Length of the trek
  • Season of the trek
  • Number of people in a group
  • Types of transportation you choose
  • Types of accommodation you choose
  • Type of food and drinks


Transportation Cost for Gokyo Lake Trek

The transportation cost makes the largest portion of your budget. There are two ways to begin your Gokyo trek – Flight from Kathmandu to Lukla or Road transportation to Jiri.

Flight saves a couple of days of your trek as you reach to Lukla in around 30 minutes from Kathmandu. You will get a witness to the aerial view of spectacular mountains during the flight.

The flight to Lukla cost around USD 150 per person one way.

By road, you can either travel on a local bus or hire a jeep. The local bus is as cheap as USD 10 to 12 per person, one way but they are not comfortable and clean. It’s better to hire a jeep if you are in a group of 4 to 7. It will take about 6 to 8 hrs from Kathmandu.

You can also go for a Helicopter ride which is a hell expensive side.

Accommodation Costs

In a trekking package, you don’t have to worry about accommodation costs. But traveling by yourself, you will need a rough idea.

You can find good accommodation on the lower altitudes i.e up to Namche Bazaar. And as go higher and reach Gokyo valley there will only be a limited option for accommodation.

Most tea-houses in the Everest region will cost USD 4 to 5 per night per bed, which is very affordable. But the room cost is slightly higher USD 20 to USD 50 in Kathmandu.

During the off-season, the room price drops to USD 2 to 3 per night.

Cost of Food and Drinks

In Kathmandu, a meal costs you around USD 3 to 6  in a standard restaurant. There will be a large option you can choose from the restaurants.

As you climb to the Everest region, the cost of the food gets higher and the choices decrease.

The local Nepali Dal-Bhat set is the most famous menu during the trek which is also a healthy choice. Besides the typical Nepali local, you can also find Momo, Fried Rice, Chowmin, Otas, Bread, and more.

The cost of a single meal on the trail is about USD 5 to 8.

For the drink, you can get tea, coffee, and soft drinks.

It’s wise to add some light snacks like chocolate bars, nuts, energy bars, etc to your packing list.

Cost of Guide and Porter

Hiring an experienced guide or porter is necessary during the Gokyo trek. A guide helps you with the navigation and ensures your safety during the trail. On another hand, a porter helps you to reduce your burden of luggage.

The average rate to hire a guide is USD 20 to 30  per day and that for a porter is USD 15 to 20. Please make sure you hire an experienced guide.

Permit Cost

For the Gokyo Lake Trek, you will need to issue a few permits. The two permits compulsory during Everest Gokyo Ri trek are:

  • Local Area Permit, USD 20 per person
  • Sagarmatha National Park permit, USD 30 including VAT

Travel Insurance Cost

The travel insurance cost is not part of your travel package but it’s compulsory.

As trekking in the higher elevations can be risky, it is ideal to have travel insurance that covers the risk at an elevation of 6000m. It should not just have covered medical emergency, but also the helicopter evacuation.

And the cost of travel insurance is around USD 120 per person which depends on the policy and duration.

Equipment Cost

You can either buy or rent the trekking equipment in Nepal. Renting the equipment in Kathmandu can be a cheap option which costs USD 1 to 10 per day.

It will be wise to bring clothing and trekking shoes from your home country and then get the poles, crampons, tents, backpacks, waterproof jackets, and sleeping bags in Kathmandu.

Miscellaneous Costs

  • Buying Unique Souvenirs for your loved ones;
  • Tipping for guide, porter, and accommodation if you wish to;
  • Cost for Hot Water shower (around USD 5)
  • Costs for Charging Ports (USD 2 to 5)

In Conclusion

Gokyo Ri trek is a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself into the beauty of the mountains. But getting to explore this forbidden land of Himalayas is not cheap.

If you want to book the Gokyo Ri Trek, Contact us. We guarantee the best possible facility at minimum price.

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