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Best Tour Packages for Nepal –10 ways of finding the Best Nepal tour packages


Here are a few experts tips to help you find Best Tour Packages for Nepal. This help you pick best Nepal tour packages among many other things.

Once in a while, every one of us needs a break from our monotonous life. And nothing could do better than a long holiday closer to nature. The holiday to Nepal will leave you relieved and rejoiced. Trekking in the Himalayas would not only be wild and adventurous but culturally insightful. Also, relaxing family holidays would be a great option. There are many activities you can do in this tiny country. As per your demand, you also can find different Nepal tour packages offered by various travel agencies. Travel portals and Holiday planners offer many travel packages for Nepal tour. And choosing one among them is quite tough.


Know yourself

First and foremost, you need to understand your own priorities. For a better picture of your travel experience, ask some questions about your traveling to yourself. Know yourself to find the Best Tour Packages for Nepal.

Your Budget

The Best Tour Packages for Nepal vary as per your Budget. The Budget decides your destination, activity, and accommodation during the tour. Although Nepal is a very budget-friendly destination, some of the tough activities as Everest expedition may cost a budget over $30000.
Thus, acknowledging your budget-limit helps to plan your destination and activities.

Your time

How long is your holiday? How long do you plan to stay in Nepal? The tour packages might be short as one day or months-long trekking. Longer holiday offers a diverse range of activities and great fun. So, look at your time-schedule and pre-plan the holiday. Know about the short treks in Nepal.

Best Tour Packages for Nepal
Best Tour Packages for Nepal


The time of the year you visit greatly effects your tour experience. Most of the trekking destinations are tough during Monsoon- June, and July. But cultural exploration in the villages is wonderful during monsoon. If you would be traveling in Spring and Autumn, trek packages are the best alternative.

What type of Holiday Style are you looking for?

What is your expectation with the tour packages? The tour packages might include wild and adventurous journey or much relaxed cultural exploration. You can also choose a relaxed family holiday or a solo adventure in the wilderness.

Who are you traveling with?

Either you are traveling solo, planning a wild adventure with friends or a calm family holiday, you will get a specialized package. Children and the Elderly need special care and may not be able to try out all the activities. Choose the tour as per the mental and physical capabilities of yourself and your companion.

Research across several tour Operators:

Spend some times surfing over the internet. Look for the similar tour packages across 4 or 5 recognized Tour Operators. This way, you will have a clear idea about the options and price in the market.
It important that you deal with an authorized tour operator in Nepal.

Compare Itinerary:

Don’t just look for the price, you also need to compare the itinerary. Make sure the itinerary meets your time and fits your budget as well as personal requirements. Compare different inclusions, exclusion and offers from your tour operators.
Look what else the Itinerary covers, airfare, transportation, permits accommodation, sightseeing, and meals.


You can either send an email or make calls to the tour operators about the packages. You can forward the email to many travel and tour agencies and even compare their response.
Let them know about your special requirements if you have any. They might make some adjustments in the itinerary as per your preferences.

Booking Best Tour Packages for Nepal

Best Tour Packages for Nepal
Best Tour Packages for Nepal

Sometimes, early booking might help you save some money on travel packages and airfare tickets. Last minute booking might be hectic. This also gives you time to prepare for the tour. If you are choosing a trekking package, you might also need some training to physically prepare your body. You can book Best Tour Packages for Nepal with us here.

But then advance booking is not compulsory. You can book the packages even when you arrive in Kathmandu.


This is how you can find Best Tour Packages for Nepal

Do you have any questions or need to make any arrangements? Contact us to book your trip and make an amazing experience.

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