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9 best vegetarian food in Nepal:


Living in Nepal, finding a vegetarian restaurant in Kathmandu or a vegetarian restaurant in Pokhara isn’t easy. Usually, small food stops, which are rather a “sweet home” are more frequent than the proper vegetarian restaurants that serves famous food in Nepal. But then, all the restaurants in the capital serves you with a lot of vegetarian option. Street food in Nepal is also popular. Being an ethnically and culturally diverse country, Nepal also serves an impressive variety of local cuisines to its guests.

Rather than the usual French fries and Burger, you got to try some delicious veg Nepalese food. Especially if you are in a trek to remote villages or spend time in the Homestay, will you find an abundance of vegetarian cuisine. Here, we have helpful Vegetarian’s Guide to Nepal. So let’s list some must-try vegetarian food while you are in Nepal.


Nepalese Tea

The concept of Breakfast in Nepal is limited to a cup of tea- there’s no oat, there’s no egg and there are no corn flakes. Clearly, breakfast is not the main course of Nepalese diet.
Almost all of the Nepalese kick-off their day with a warm cup of tea (Chiya as they call it). You will find a number of variables in teas as Tulsi (Indian Basil) Chiya, Lemon tea Dalchini (cinnamon) Chiya and the Masala Dudh Chiya tea (This is my favorite). If you are in the trek to the high Himalayas, you should definitely try butter tea to kick-start your morning. Try this while you are in Everest.

food in Nepal


In the Himalayan region, they have Tsampa –roasted flour mixed with the salty Tibetan butter tea. As a substitute of oats, you can also have Sattoo- made from grains like maize, soybean, corn flour and gram. It is really rich in protein.

Newari Dish

Well, the real taste of Newari Dish is in its meat set. But there is a number of the Veg option you shall try. Veg Chatamari, Bara, Chura, mashed potato and fried beans are famous Newari cuisine.

Potato, potato and more potato

Nepalese has discovered a hundred of way to manipulate easy looking potato to a Yummy dish. Alu Bhujiya (small fried potato) served with rice, Aalu tama (a sour soup made of bamboo shoots and potatoes), aalu ko aachar (boiled potato mixed with multiple spices, sesame powder, and lime juice) and the list goes on. Almost all the curry served in Nepal has potato in it.

Main course

Well, nothing could be more frequent in Nepal then dal vhat. Other main dishes are Dhido and Gundruk, Roti tarkari or Puri tarkari.

Other Food in Nepal


The spicy pickles are the yummiest part of Nepalese Dish. Gundruk pickle (achaar), Tamatar ko aachar (Tomato pickle), Gadeko mula ko aachar (raddish pickle) and so on. Instead, you can also try some sweets in Nepal.

Street food

Firstly, Nepal has so less of street foods to offers. And the vegetarian option is almost nill. Do try Panipuri, Chatpat (these are very spicy) Pakauda and Samosa (quite oily). They taste great but might not be so healthy for regular consumption.

food in Nepal
Food in Nepal

Less spicy

Khichadi or Jaulo is the least spicy food in Nepal, which is delicious when topped with Ghee.

Famous food in Nepal

In the hilly region, do try Lapsi “Nepali hog plum”, It would be sour when consumed raw, but very tasty when made pickle. Try some Pau (Titaura) as well.


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