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8 best things to visit Mustang Nepal:


Here is the list of things you must do In mustang and places you should visit Mustang Nepal. Located at the northern part of country Mustang is one of the most visited tourist destinations of Nepal. It is an ancient forbidden kingdom with the culture and language closely related to Tibet. The Upper Mustang was permitted for foreigners about two decades ago. With its immense beauty, mustang lures thousands of tourists each year. Mustang is not a place where single activity is enough. You will find the villages and valleys, each of them equally beautiful and representing a unique culture and lifestyle.


Places for visit Mustang Nepal

Visit Muktinath Nepal:

Muktinath is among the celebrated sacred sites of Nepal. The temple is a popular Hindu pilgrimage site at an elevation of 3,710. Mustang is also called as “MuktiKshetra” meaning “place of liberation”. It is 106th among the available 108 Divya Desam by the Sri Vaishnava sect of Hinduism.

The Buddhist also visit the Temple. They call it “Chuming Gyatsa,” meaning “Hundred Waters” in Tibetan. This place holds equal importance for the Tibetan Buddhist as well and thus clearly reflects the religious unity of Nepal.
The temple is close to the village called Ranipauwa.

visit Mustang Nepal

Stay in Jomsom

Jomsom is suited at the elevation of 2,700 meters and also called Dzong-Sampa or New fort. It is a very unique and beautiful place to visit on your journey to Mustang. It is also the commercial and administrative center of Nepal that offers all the necessary accommodation. You can be the view of mesmerizing mountains, gompas and green paddy fields from Jomson.

Kagbeni visit

Kagbeni is a beautiful village while you visit Mustang Nepal. Kegabeni has prayer wheels and a Buddhist monastery along with fortress ruin. They were established in the second half of the 16th century.

It is said that the king of Muktinath valley made the fortress for his son as the convergence point of four trade routes. This strategic location allowed to levy taxes on the goods and animals that pass through the valley. There’s also a red monastery, called KagChodeThuptenSamphelLing Monastery and caves which dates back to the prehistoric times.

Lo Manthang

Lo Manthang is known for tall whitewashed mud-brick walls, nine- cornered royal palace of Mustang, built in 1400. Further, there are four temples in the area: Jampa Lhakhang also known as “God House” (built in early 15th century), Thubchen Gompa (built in late 15th century), Chodey Gompa, and Chopramg Gompa, also known as “New Gompa”. Lo Manthang is a great place to explore the core culture and tradition of Buddhist in Nepal Upper Mustang along with beautiful views all around.
The palace suffered a great loss during the devastating earthquake of April 2015.

Chosar Cave

Mustang has some 10,000 human-made caves dug in the side of valleys. Archaeologist found partially mummified bodies and skeleton in the cave that were about 2,000 – 3,000 years old. You can see these sky caves in Chosar village of Lo-Manthang. These caves suggest the very old civilization of Mustang.
These caves had lead to the discovery of valuable Buddhist sculptures, manuscripts, paintings and several artifacts from the 12th to 14th century.

Things to do in Mustang

Enjoy the local cuisine

As Mustang is very rich in culture and tradition, they also have very unique cuisine. Thakali food is one yummiest cuisine you can try during visit Mustang Nepal which is famous all over Nepal. Local cuisine as Tibetan bread, local tea mixed with salt and butter is also a good choice. Don’t miss their brandy from Marphais.

Try some adventures

Along with rich topography, Mustang is the place for adventure, rock climbing, cycling, and horse riding.

visit Mustang Nepal

Celebrate Tiji Festival

It’s the biggest festival in Lo Manthang. “Tiji” is an abbreviation of “TempaChirim”, meaning “Prayer for World Peace”. Tiji is celebrated for 3 days as a mark of victory of good over evil. The celebration includes chants, different prayers, and dances in colorful dresses. This unique festival is celebrated as per Tibetan calendar- generally in May.


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