Climb Mt Everest
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Climb Mt Everest- a detail report


Climb Mt Everest is a dream to many and reality to few adventure junkies. It’s obvious that Mount Everest the most challenging and hard mountaineering in the world. Only experienced trekkers with real guts can reach the summit. Every year, during spring, foreigners visit Nepal to fulfill their goals. Surely, the climb to Everest isn’t cheap either. The cost of climbing Mount Everest ranges from $35,000 to $ 60,000. It can even extend to $1,00,000 per person.

The cost mention above includes a guide and porters, permits, food and other essential things that are needed.

The total cost of Climb Mt Everest is listed below.


Climbing Everest Permit:

You have to take many climbing permits to Climb Mt Everest from the Nepal Tourism Board in Kathmandu. The climbing permits cost $11,000- includes all permits to Everest Region.

Climb Mt Everest
Climb Mt Everest

Training to climb Everest:

Different agencies provide a short training before heading for the mountains. Training is a crucial part as the best trainer gives techniques and tricks which can be used in the midst of climbing. The training cost can range from $4000 to $6000.

Everest Climb Guide Costs

Guides (Sherpas as they are called) should be hired to guide you (at least one) and ensure your safety. The cost of each guide is $5,000. Learn how it take here.

Climb Mt Everest oxygen costs

The supplement of oxygen on the way is the most essential equipment to carry. You need to have at least 5 bottles of oxygen with you. Per bottles of oxygen cost $550. You will also need an oxygen mask and regulator- cost each $500 additionally.

Expenses at Base Camp

The heavy load up to the Everest base camp is mainly carried by porters (and even yaks). The climbing team should provide them with food and shelter which can cost up to 4000 USD.

Maintaining campsites

In the higher level, there are no teahouses or lodges. Climbers need to pay almost $2,000 for maintaining campsite. They pay $800/ person for 6 weeks’ worth of food for their meals.

Everest Gear Costs

Climbers need high altitude gear for Climb Mt Everest. It includes a pair of boots, gloves, electric socks, pee funnel, down suit, sleeping bags, etc. All the gear price is around $7,000.

Everest Trek
Everest Trek

Other climbing fee

Besides the cost of permits, climbers need to pay medical support fee, hiring some relation officer to join them in base camp, phone bills, the tip for Sherpa. Also, you need to pay a refundable deposit for the removal of human waste. The “other climbing fees” is about $2,000 to $4,000 per person.

Miscellaneous Costs

Further, including emergency-rescue insurance during the climb or trip cancellation coverage, cooks, porters, yaks, satellite phone, visa, and immunization, the overall miscellaneous charge reaches up to $10,00 to 13,000.


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