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Why visit Nepal: 8 best reasons why tourists Visit Nepal


You might be wondering, Why visit Nepal while there are hundreds of other developed nation? Nepal is only a small developing country. But it’s the wonderland of natural beauty and extremes, simply needs no introduction. A hike to the highest point in the world, 160 m high jump and skydiving in Everest is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you won’t want to miss.

Nepal has nature; culture; s history adventures and the best is, it will not strain your pockets unduly. So, there is no point in evading Nepal from travelers’ bucket lists. I can literally tell you hundreds of reason to visit Nepal, but why bother when just few shall be enough to convince you? Here are eight main objectives of tourists to visit Nepal.


1. Gigantic mountain ranges:

The beauty of the Himalayas will enthrall you more than you can envisage. Whether you hike up to Everest and Annapurna or enjoy the scenario from distance, the beauty shall be embedded in minds throughout many years. Isn’t the fact that you get to explore eight out of ten tallest mountain ranges in world enough to drive you crazy? The Himayalan Range is surely the best reason you should visit Nepal. If you are thinking why visit Nepal- the sole answer is to witness the highest point in the earth i.e 8848m.

2. So much to fall in love with:

Well, everyone do love to strike waterfalls as you move on through a thick woods and rhododendron forest. Encountering a dark cave that scares a hell out of you and wild fruits that you can try once. Nepal exhibits her beauty in the most glamorous way as you see it in one of the adventurous films. Every nook has something that would amaze you with its beauty.

3. Get a festivity mood:

Over 35 ethnic groups of Nepal adopts the different culture and celebrates their own festivals. Almost every day of the year has some festivals to be celebrated by some ethnic group. If Christmas is the only festival that fascinates you, celebrate some in Nepal and you would be completely amazed. Nepal creates a crazy festivity mood each time you visit this wonderland. The chance to celebrate great festivals is the reasons why you should visit Nepal this year.

why visit Nepal

4. Want some peace?

Nepal, the land of Gautam Buddha is a spiritually blessed country. If you want to discover some peace within yourself, no place could be better than Nepal itself. Besides visiting Lumbini and World peace pagoda, spend time in some monasteries and do yoga in the lap of Himalayas if you want to find some real peace.

5. Reasonable price:

Why visit Nepal???? Because it’s damn cheap even in 2020.

For a backpacking trip, Nepal is the best destination to think of. You can well enjoy the trip without being ripped off. The domestic flights, hotels, foods and even some luxurious stay go well into your budget. If you are an economic traveler than Nepal would be the best decision you would ever make.

6. Safe and Clam:

Besides few random strikes, Nepal is a safe place to visit. Being a democratic republic nation, everyone gets to enjoy their freedom without interference. The efficient medical supply has prevented the country’s border form epidemic disease. As a sum, Nepal is safe and clam for tourist from any part of the world irrelevant to your country, religion, and race.

7. Why visit Nepal? For the nature:

Besides rivers and mountains, Nepal is also rich in a biodiversity. In spite of being a small fragment among two domineering land masses, Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world in term of biodiversity. With 8.9% of the total species of birds in the world (900 species of birds); 4.2% of worlds butterfly and 3.96% of world’s mammal, Nepal is rightfully called “Amazon of Asia”. You don’t want to miss such rare view, do you?

8. Want an escape?

Do you want an escape from 21st century’s world and go a few ages back? Nepal has villages where there are no electric poles, mobile network, and a road network. It’s would be a great escape from the technical world and experience some historic human activities. It’s not time traveling, but would be close to time traveling experiment. There are many best places in Nepal that are worth exploring.

To Sum Up,

These are the 8 answer to – why visit Nepal? There are other many fantastic feelings Nepal can give you. The country will definitely make you fall for it.

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