8 Nepal trekking packing lists without which your trek will be miserable


Nepal, a South Asian beauty land is on the travel bucket list of hundreds and thousands of tourist each month. Now, if it’s in the top of your list and if you are heading for those country, Nepal trekking packing lists might be of ache. I spend around a month in backpacking Nepal and definitely wish I had packed a bit differently to make things easier. So here is the list of few things for Nepal packing lists.

Bag packing to Nepal is mostly allied to your destination and purpose, so first be clear of it. After all, the bag of a couple in luxurious honeymoon would be different than that of trekkers. Here, I have tried to list out important stuff that must be jammed in your bag before you head for the airport. Learn all Nepal trekking packing lists here.



Before you pile up your clothes, be aware of the climate of Nepal. Instead of bringing in substantial number, pick wisely. Fast drying fabric and good breath ability clothes which do not wrinkle / wring out but are easier to wash/ pack should be selected. If you are trekking in higher attitude, pack warm jackets and trousers. Most importantly bring a pair of modest clothes like full-length jeans and t-shirt, strappy tank tops and sheer material made clothes because of cultural difference in Nepal. You can shop the clothes in Nepal as well, and believe they are far cheaper, but you can never trust the quality. Oh, don’t forget to bring a waterproof jacket or a raincoat.

Nepal trekking packing lists
Nepal trekking packing lists

Hiking Shoes

Pack a pair of Lightweight trainers, hiking shoes with ankle support (must for the trekkers) and a pair of Sandals/ flip flops. Your shoes should not be great looking, but the comfortable pairs as they have to walk you up to the Everest.

LifeStraw or self-filtering water bottle

Self-filtering straw or self-filtering water bottle can be a life savior when bottled water isn’t available in many parts of Nepal don’t have safe drinking water. While trekking to high elevation, it’s important to be well-hydrated but carrying number of bottled water is not facile, so this filtering agent will take care of you.

Electronics in Nepal trekking packing lists

Power adapter: Pack Type D adapter and a universal adapter is a compulsory.

Laptop or tablet (plus charger): This is an optional choice, which does great to back up photos and blog your adventures, but will create pain by adding weight while you are in a trek.

Camera (plus charger): Indispensable as you can’t resist in capturing the beauty of Nepal wherever you go.

iPod and E-Reader (plus charger): For a great trip you need Music and books (especially in long bus journey).

LED head torch: Power cut are not just occasionally but a very common thing in Nepal. Carry a headlamp if you don’t want to walk fumbling around in the dark.

Sleeping bag

If you are not traveling with an adventure company, don’t just trust the hotels across your path. Sleeping bags means an extra layer of warmth plus you know it’s clean! Nepal trekking packing lists is incomplete without Sleeping bag.

Nepal trekking packing lists
Nepal trekking packing lists

First-aid kit

Never leave for a trip without one. Cramps, diarrhea, headache and similar sickness makes your trip a hell if you don’t carry few aid stuff with you.


If you are coming to Nepal- Toiletries in Nepal trekking packing lists is the must. You can obviously shop them in Nepal as well, but if you are habituated to specific products then it’s always good to carry them.
• Toothbrush & toothpaste;
• Solid shampoo & conditioner
• Deodorant
• Razor
• Mooncup:
• Quick-dry towel:


Sunscreen: If you want to enjoy your stay without suffering from the sting of sunburn and even fatigue from exposure, use sunscreen as you would at the beach.

A bandanna / scarf : In Kathmandu you need to cover your face and hair wherever you go. Plus if you encounter any temples in a way, you can wrap a scarf to look modest and respect the Nepalese culture.

Day bag and Packing cubes: For short visits, lightweight hiking backpack or daypack is a better option to a shoulder bag or tote.

Copies of important documents: A copy of passport, vaccination certificates & spare passport photos is the most. You may be asked to show them anytime.


Lastly, Nepal trekking packing lists must includes some books to read in the peace of mountains.

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