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Why visit Annapurna Base Camp? Reasons to visit


Before you actually head for the trek, it’s obvious to think why visit Annapurna Base Camp? Why this became the most popular Trek in Nepal? I can literally give you a hundred reasons that make you pack your bag and head for the base camp trek in no time. It’s a prodigious moderate adventure across foothills of Himalayas. Annapurna Base Camp trek or the Annapurna circuit trek is an amazing destination trip that presents an awesome display of sheer raw power of Nature. Why visit Annapurna Base Camp? Here are the reasons:


Get closer to the Himalayas:

The Annapurna Base Camp trek is a journey to the foothills on the 10th highest mountain in the world. Every step you take is accompanied the majestic mountain views and wonders of the immense Annapurna massif. The feeling of standing beneath the shadow of one of the world’s highest mountain, encircled by snow under the flawless sky is beyond the world. Every sunrise and sunset shall give a heavenly feel.

Experience the remoteness:

Living in this era, can you imagine a place where mule is the only way of transportation? Yeah, you heard it right, even a sack of rice needs to be carried for multiple days be a human porter or a mule to the villages across the trial.

In spite of being a citizen of Nepal itself, I cannot imagine such life. During ABC trek, you will get to experience the life of citizens a few centuries back.

Quaint landscape:

If you ask me Why visit Annapurna Base Camp, I would say about the awesome landscape. The trail of ABC mingles with a diverse landscape. You will get to walk for the blanketed forest of fern, bamboo, and oak. During spring, the entire trail is filled with beautiful flowers including Orchids, Rhododendron, and many more vibrant flowers. You will be trekking through the dense forests which occasionally opening sections of terraced farmlands.

Feel nature:

Okay, I already told you about Himalayas and forest. Here it’s about the cascading waterfalls and river on the trail that takes away all of your tiredness. Further, a hot spring water treat in Jhinu Danda revitalize you with positive energy. This natural hot spring that nestles at the river bank of Modi Khola is rejuvenates weary muscles and heal from aches. Hot water spring originates from the heart of the mountain connected to the pool.

Know the ethnic Culture & tradition of the Villages:

ABC is not just an adventurous journey, is a reflection of the culture and tradition of picturesque ethnic villages. You can experience the lifestyle and culture of the Gurung and Magar ethnic groups inhabited in this region. Exploring the diverse Himalayan culture is an amazing experience- they show hospitality, generosity and friendly behavior.

. Stone paved staircases, white gumbas that appears out of no-where, colored flag and wall carved with holy chanting take the trip experience to a whole new level.

Encounter rear fauna:

Why visit Annapurna Base Camp? I would say- to witness nature at it’s best. Along the trail, you can encounter snow leopard, musk deer, langur monkey, and spotted deer. If you are lucky, you can also encounter red panda, blue sheep, and pheasants during the trial. Also, on the way up there, you can witness the group of mules grazing or carrying heaps of goods, on steep flagstone road. Annapurna Conservation area has it all.


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