Interesting facts about Nepal

Interesting facts about Nepal: Surprising facts you all should know about


Things that are Interesting facts about Nepal that will make you visit this nation. Amazing facts about Nepal that are mostly hidden facts of Nepal will surprise you.

Nepal is a small naturally crafted and culturally gifted Himalayan land. Highest Himalayan peak, mesmerizing landscapes, swift flowing rivers and historical monuments are the well-recognized fact of this nation. But yeah, besides these natural and cultural stuff, there are lot more untold facts and stories about Nepal which actually makes it a greater destination. And if Google is the only one you surfed before planning the trip, there plenty more things you don’t know about this country. Being unaware of these simple things can actually make your stay hard and your trip a total ruin.

So are you ready to know some new, hidden but important stuff on this Himalayan nation? Also, read some fun facts. Learn know some Interesting facts about Nepal.


Welcoming nature

Nepalese are always delighted to communicate with tourists and have them as a guest. Approaching local’s people and communicating with them is a great way to learn unless you have the language problem. Interestingly, they might even provide you free food and night stay, if you communicate well. This is a great way to enjoy the vacation when there’s no hotel nearby. You can spend a night in a homestay in Nepal.

Interesting facts about Nepal
Interesting facts about Nepal

Alternating schedules

Well, delay of an hour or some couples of an hour is quite normal in Nepal. So, not reaching the destination on estimated time is not so great deal unless you are late with a quite large time interval. Traffic jam, construction works, rallies, transportation problem and similar reason can always change your schedules. Being flexible with timetable is most essential in Nepal.

Bargaining skills

This is the most Interesting facts about Nepal. During your stay, you will find that many local shopping stations have high price rate. They might even ask you double the amount of cash they actually sell. Some even ask for more with tourists (not in all cases but some may). So, you must learn the bargaining skills well before you go for some shopping. And if you don’t have one, choose fixed price Supermarket. But such markets are few in number and limited in major cities. So developing some bargaining skills shall make your trip economic.

Food and clothing

Bhat (cooked rice grains), dal (some kind of pulses soup), tarkari mixed vegetables) and pickle completes the regular Nepalese diet. Interestingly, Nepalese never get tired of this particular food combination. After all, the combo tastes great with lots of spices including oils and ghee. For a sound stay, one should get adapted to this kind of food. Only a few standard hotels in major tourist destination offer you with some Chinese and Italian foods. Also, there’s the common practice if eating with hand.

Clothing is a matter of social taboo in Nepal. Decent clothing is important if you don’t want to be stared by every passing local.

Interesting facts about Nepal
Interesting facts about Nepal

Public vehicles and taxi

Public vehicles in Nepal are always crowded and noisy. Well, it might also be a fun experience for some tourists. But, tourists generally prefer taxies. And now, taxi fee is other interesting stuff as it mostly depends upon the taxi driver’s character and your ability to bargain. Asking for at least four of Taxies around and choosing the one with least fair is the best way to deal. The fee per kilometer is around 131 rupee. But the drivers generally don’t to go with the rules, so be careful. And the fair is double after 10pm.

Local English– Interesting facts about Nepal

Many Nepalese are familiar with the English language, but pronunciation and grammar might cause the problem in communication. Firstly, you should listen well and then logically predict the words to get the meaning well. Besides English, other languages like Chinese, Korean Spanish it not what most of Nepalese are familiar with. Also, you can learn some Nepali language.

Be ready to walk

Another sad yet Interesting facts about Nepal is that many tourist destinations don’t have the proper transportation access. The cases of road blockage due to natural causes/heavy rain, transportation strike, and similar cause might force you to walk anytime. So as a tourist, always be prepared for walking for hours.

Interesting facts about Nepal
Interesting facts about Nepal


Hot water shower, well maintained public toilets, tissue paper and mineral water is not the stuff one could find all over Nepal. Just a hand full of the hotel has all these things. One might not even find Dustin and toilet wherever he/she goes. So having a packet of tissue paper, a bottle of water is just the compulsion.

Social taboos

Kissing and hugging in public are not considered good in Nepal. Well, that’s not the legal offense but a social taboo. Well, holding hands would not be an issue but still, it’s preferred if you don’t hold hands with your partner in public. Moreover, holding hands and hugging same gender friends is rather common. This is another hidden facts about Nepal.


Besides just noting the places to visit in Nepal, it’s best to know some social and realistic Interesting facts about Nepal about the daily life of that country. Surfing with some untold unique fact about any country makes your stay easier and memorable. Yeah, the list above covers many aspects of Nepalese life and defines your stay properly. That was all omg facts about Nepal.

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