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Nepal Cable Car Kalinchowk Bhagwati trek: A winter paradise


Here is everything you need to know about bus to kalinchowk, Kalinchowk cable car Price, hotels in kalinchowk, the best time to visit kalinchowk and so on.

Years, I have been starring and challenging the clouds to touch them some day. But now my happiness knows no bound when I can actually beat them. Oh god! I can’t believe that I’m standing above the clouds. “Someone please pinch me”, I feel like yelling.  Damn, I never want to return back. I want to live above these clouds for all my life. Between these white crystalline mass of snow, I want to find a little dry space to make my butt rest, and then let the time seize. Trust me, this is not the fiction. It’s actually how you feel when you climb up to the hill of kalinchowk Nepal.

Kalinchowk Nepal is a famous tourist destination in Dolakha district for its breathtaking natural beauty and religious purpose. The spot is 3842m above the sea level and 150 kilometers away from Kathmandu valley.


Kalinchowk Cable Car

Kalinchowk Nepal
Kalinchowk Nepal

The third cable car in the country, Kalinchowk cable car has been commenced in tourist and religious spot of Dolakha district. The nearest winter snow land from the capital is now also famous for the cable car.  Tourist can observe the stunning surrounding along with Gaurishankar Mountain and some other scenarios from the window of the cable car.

And with the commence of the cable car, trip to Kalinchowk Bhagwati temple has been easier for devotees visiting. The temple situated at 3,755 meters from see level was otherwise an hour and half of walk from the Kuri Village. The Kalinchowk cable car now minimized an hour of painful hike to to 5 minutes of fun. There are also other fun places to visit in Nepal.

Kalinchowk cable car Price

Kalinchowk Darshan Ltd. sates, “four gondolas in the cable car carries 10 persons at a time”.  The company invested Rs 450 million for the launch of the car.

After the successful before Dashain 2018, the launch of Kalinchowk cable car was done in November 3rd 2018. The cable car compeletes 900 meters from Kuri bazaar to Kalinchowk Bhagawati Temple in 5 mintues. 

Now the biggest question is “What is the price of Kalinchowk cable car?” Don’t worry, its in your budget. The ticket price for the cable car at kalinchowk is Rs 500 (this sounds affordable, doesn’t it?). It is cheaper than other two cable car launched earlier. 

More about Kalinchowk Bhagwati

  • Kalinchowk Bhagwati is a respected Hindu shrine in Dolkha District situated in Kalinchowk VDC at 3755 m from sea-level.
  • The shrine lies peacefully in the national forest area.
  • On the top of Kalinchowk hill, between the open air space around, the temple of Kalinchowk Bhagwati was constructed. The temple is named as “wish-granting temple”as the godessed is believed to bless its visitors wish.
  • Two major rivers – Tama Koshi and Sun Koshi originate from Kalinchowk Hill.
Kalinchowk Cable Car
Kalinchowk Cable Car

Bus to Kalinchowk Nepal

This place, which is less than 6 hours’ drive from the valley is just more than amazing.  You can get an early morning bus to Dolakha at ratnapark bus park.

You can get a jeep from there kuri village which is like 18 km up. It will cost you from 3 thousand to 5 thousand to hire a jeep. You can also hike all way to kuri but you need some real guts to walk 6 to 7 hours, so I suggest you not to take the risk. But this doesn’t means that the hike is not possible. Kuri village is basically like a base camp and you have to hike for a hour to reach to the top where you can get the blessing of Kalinchowk bagwati.

Best season for Kalinchowk Nepal

Winter, April is in-fact the peak season to visit Kalinchowk Nepal. With the onset of winter, the place receives snowfall which doubles the beauty of the place. Spring and Autumn will also be great for the visit. Learn about winter in Nepal weather.

Kalinchowk Nepal Hotel Costs

There are plenty of hotels around Charikot, so it’s a problem to spend a night there. But if you decide to go up, there is no lounge until you get to the top. It’s even hard to find a tea shop, so make sure you have plenty of food and enough time to reach Kuri village before you leave Charikot.

There are many hotels in Kuri village, but be careful if you are visiting in peak season (February to April, basically when the snow falls) and weekends. Most of the rooms would be occupied in that time of the year. Booking a hotel is always a safe idea. The room will cost you around one thousand and dinner will cost around 200 to 300 rupees.


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