Upper Mustang Nepal
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Upper Mustang trek: Everything you need to know about


Now, when you have enough doses of the treks to the Himalayas, Upper Mustang trek has something else to offer. With the sensitive cultural and geopolitical communities, you get to explore the “Land beyond Himalayas” that lies in Tibetan Plateau.

Trek to Upper Mustang Nepal is a semi-arid desert with deep ravines and rock shelves fringed with snowy peaks which gives a completely new experience than any other trekking destinations. 14 days long Upper Mustang trek would be deadly arduous but worth. Trekking to Upper Mustang was open only after 1992 and still requires a special permit.


What is there in Upper mustang?

Upper Mustang Nepal
Upper Mustang Nepal

Lower Mustang being the home for pilgrimages all-round the world, Upper Mustang is still untouched land. Trans-Himalaya landscape, Tibetan Buddhist shrines as Stupas, Chhortens, Kaanis, Prayers walls along with 16th century’s monasteries would spice up your trek. Stay in Lo Manthang- isolated region would charm up your mood when you get in-touch with hospitality and warmth of the locals living and get to witness the palace of the king of Mustang.

(Fun fact: Until 1950 the district of Mustang was, a separate kingdom within the boundaries of Nepal. The last king still has his home in the ancient capital named as Lo Manthang). This detail Itinerary will help you.

Best time for Mustang trek?

From March to May- before the monsoon starts, trekkers love to ascend. Spring- November to January the trek is prodigious time for Mustang trip. But in the case of Mustang, you can even set a trip during the monsoon when none of the other treks to the Himalayas is possible. During monsoon, upper valley is still quite dry with only occasional rainfall. Mustang is cold, windy and dusty throughout the year. Winter treks are best to avoid harsh weather.

Guide for Upper Mustang trek

After you take a special trekking permit for Mustang you must be accompanied by a government-appointed officer for your trip. An officer shall make your trip far less strenuous and help give you a better insight into the culture.

Porters are available in Jomsom itself, but it is preferable to use mules to carry your loads up to Mustang. These animals are available locally and are economical as well as environmentally friendly than porters. You can learn the costs details here.

Travel package to Upper Mustang Nepal

Travel package offers everything neatly arranged for you, from airport transfers, accommodation, permits, porters and/or guides and their insurance. So it’s an easier and safe option. The packages are analogously cheap if you book it on Kathmandu. Without a package, you would save almost 30% to 25%, so backpackers trekkers might also go without one. But then taking the permits and arranging the accommodation would be a tough work. So it’s wise to book one.

Pack for Upper Mustang trek

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Pack lightly- a fleece jacket, two pairs of long pants, three T-shirts (synthetic fabrics – not cotton), and a warm jumper or light fleece goes best. Lightly broken-in boots, trekking socks, and also sneakers or sandals make the hike possible. Don’t forget- raincoat, gloves, woolen hat, sunhat, polarized sunglasses and a good sleeping bag. Toiletries, good sunscreen, lip balm, travel towel, and tissues are compulsory.

Your first aid kit and 1L water bottles with water purification tablets make the trip safe and healthy. Now, these are what you need to pack for every trek to Nepal. For Mustang, since there are very few accommodation facilities available above Kagbeni, groups must be fully self-sufficient, especially in fuel. You might also carry a tent including energy drinks other than enough food.


That was all about Mustang trek Nepal.

Do you have any questions related Mustang trek Nepal? Contact us and book your trekking for any part of Nepal.

Happy trekking!!

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