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8 reasons to visit Nepal in 2020 :


Nepal needs no introduction. The country of high Himalayas is also the land of extremes. But what are the real reasons to visit Nepal in 2020? Because nature has blessed it will all the beauty possible. What are the reasons to go to Nepal? It’s the majestic Himalayas and century-old culture preserved in untouched form. Why are other reasons to visit Nepal? Because the warm and welcoming Nepalese population takes the experience to next level. And the list goes on and one.Here, we have listed the main objectives of tourist to visit Nepal.

This small, landlocked developing country in South Asia has so much to explore and offer. Its small but still represents every feature of the world. The perfect blend of nature with culture, art, and tradition gives once-in-life-time experience.

Nepal is in the bucket list of a must-go-to destination of many, and there’s a reason for it. I can literally list a thousand reasons that will make you want to visit Nepal. But that will make a month of work to me. For now, let’s list only top reasons to visit Nepal.


Mountains in Nepal:

More than for its real name, Nepal is known as “Mt. Everest country”. The 8848 m world highest peak is the reason everyone loves Nepal. But there’s much more. Not just the world highest, but 8 among 10 highest Himalayas resides in Nepal. Kanchenjunga, Manaslu, Annapurna, and many other ranges will leave you mesmerized. And I don’t mean you need to have the weeks of though these climbing these ranges. Just a walk to base camp or even sightseeing from any view towers would be fun. The beautiful sparkling mountains are major reasons to visit Nepal.

Unique Geographical Setting of Nepal

Nepal’s geography is uniquely carved- the highest mountain in the world (Mt. Everest), a lake at the highest altitude (Lake T’ilocho), deepest gorge (Dana gorge) and the deepest valley (Arun valley). 14 mountains over 8,000 meters are not the end of the story. Caves and caverns like Hevesi and Siddha Cave, most fertile terai land to and semi-deserts of Manang and Mustang- there whole shebang in Nepal. Nepal also experiences a variety of climates from 47 degrees scorching lowlands to freezing Himalayas. In such a unique geographical setting, one can encounter most diverse flora and fauna.

Celebrate festival in Nepal

No matter which month you pick to visit Nepal, there’s always a festival you could be part of. Nepal blends 35 different ethnic groups, each having a distinct culture and tradition to show off. Every day of the year, one of those group celebrate their own custom in their unique style. Exploring places with unique culture and way of life is heavenly bliss. Dashain, Tihar, Holi, Jatras and so on- Nepal captivate the visitors with its numerous cultures and unique traditions. If Christmas is the only festival you have ever celebrated, Nepal’s only for you. Festivals can be your one among many reasons to visit Nepal.

Things to see in Nepal

This time I am not going to talk about Everest. Nepal, within its small belt, accommodates eight world Heritage sites declared by UNESCO. The heritages might not be the oldest one to keep the record of the world’s civilization but were beautifully carved a few centuries ago. Note that some of these heritages were destroyed by the massive earthquake Nepal faced during 2015 and the construction is still going on.
Still, you can see the uniquely crafted woodwork, metalwork, and stonework at the places.

Tourists safety in Nepal

IEP’s (Institute for Economics and Peace) Global Peace Index (GPI), 2016, ranked Nepal as “second peaceful nation” in South Asia after Bhutan. You might have heard someone chattering about the bad hours of Maoist revolution or 2015 devastating experience. But as the country recovers from the 2015 stroke, Nepal is one of the safest destinations to visit. Also, Nepal is politically stable now.
Nepalese are known for their friendly nature, hospitality and smiley face. There will be someone willing to help you every time you need- as far as they can communicate with you

Reasonable costs

Do you know that Nepal is the best backpacker destination? You can get a dorm room for less than $5 and dinner doesn’t cost over $2. You can experience the best vacation trip without ripping off your pocket. And the best- you can haggle everywhere- from bus to hotel. Offseason trip makes the trip far more economic. Nepal is one of the cheapest countries you will ever want to visit.

By this, I don’t mean there’s no luxurious tourism- the capital is packed with 5-star hotels.

Simple Rural Life in Nepal

Ever wondered how human life was back a century? If yes, the answer is hidden behind the dense forest of Nepal. There are hidden villages where the nearest bus stop is 5 days of walk and letter pad is the only means of communication. For the experience of simple rural life, Nepal is the best country you can ever choose. Being a paid guest at one of those houses is the best thing you can do in Nepal.

Best Nepali delicacies:

Nepalese don’t have oats and eggs for breakfast. Not just Nepal has Dal Bhat, Nepali cuisines possess its own uniqueness. Nepalese dumpling named “momo” is something every restaurant offers with served with a tomato-based sauce. An ethnic group named Newar cooks the yummiest dish that includes chatamari, bara yomari (their “samyabaji” set is the best). Also, you shall try Nepalese drink “Chyang” and special apple drink from Mustang.

To Sum up

That is why Nepal can be the best place to keep on your travel bucket list.

These were the reason to visit Nepal can be the best place to keep on your travel bucket list. Nepal is full of the natural scene; biodiversity, cultural uniqueness, and friendly smiles. Don’t over think, just pack your bag and land to Nepal. Find the things that will make you want to visit Nepal on your own. Thank me later 

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