Best time to visit Nepal

Best time to visit Nepal – When not to travel?


What is the best time to visit Nepal? Well, anytime. What is the best season to visit Nepal? Summer, winter, spring, and autumn.

Hold on, I might sound crazy- but yeah! Nepal has something amazing to offer all year round.

Want trek to lower Himalayan foothills or jungle safaris? Winters with crystal clear skies is the best. Winter is the best time to hike the treks in the lower Solu area ( south of Everest) or else the shorter treks near Pokhara.

Planning to experience Himalayan culture in Upper Mustang or Nar Phu? Summer (where rest of country doze in monsoon) is the festival season for Manang and Mustang and thus is best time to visit Nepal. Upper Dolpo and Limi Valley are also at its best during summer.

Spring is indeed the best time to visit Nepal where all forest is covered by red and pink Rhododendron (national flower of Nepal). Skies can be bit hazy but the trekking trails are crowded. You can also enjoy festivals as Nepalese New Year and Holi in April. Spring is the best season for Mount Everest Base Camp trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Manaslu circuit trek (basically all high altitude trekking). Contact us here to book these trek.

Fall, in fact, is the most popular trekking season- skies are clear for glorious mountain view and temperatures are moderate. And you get to celebrate the big festivals like Dashain (October) and Tihar (November). The number of tourists visiting Nepal is highest during Autumn. Fall is the best time for sightseeing and trekking around Mount Everest Base Camp trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek as in spring.


What is the best time to visit Nepal?

Best time to visit Nepal
Best time to visit Nepal

Between October and December when skies are clear and the views are spectacular- Nepal is at its best. The weather persist to be dry until about April so that you can plan for any high altitude trekking. During spring the trials all covered with rhododendrons burst is prodigious. This is the best season for trekking in Nepal. Contact us here to book your tour to any part of Nepal.

Best month in Nepal to celebrate festival

Nepal basically celebrates festivals all year- the biggest one Dashain on October and Tihar on November. Besides Shivaratri in February and Holi in April. You can celebrate Holi around February.

Best season for rafting in Nepal

Best time to visit Nepal
best time to visit Nepal for rafting

If you are traveling Nepal for the adventure, the best time for rafting in Nepal is September to December and March to June. At this months, the water is swift and warmest.

Best season for climbing Mount Everest

April and May is the best month to attempt an ascent to the summit. Mid-June to August (summer) is also a prodigious choice, but it’s also the monsoon time due to which the mountain can receive rainfall.

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