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Bird Watching In Nepal: Everything You Need To Know


Trip to Nepal is full of natural, cultural and architectural insights. For the people who wish to get lost in the natural diversity and richness of Nepal, there are various trips designed so that you can enjoy the diverse flora and fauna of the country. In Nepal, one of such trips is designed for avid bird watchers. With over 850 species of birds recorded, Nepal it’s undoubtedly a haven for all those looking for serene environments with birds flying over all kinds of terrain- plains, hills, and mountains. Here is the detail of bird watching in Nepal tour.


Species of Birds in Nepal

The species of birds found in Nepal vary as per the topography; one found in Terai is way different from the ones that are found in high mountains. So, there are different trekking options are available for you to watch and study birds of specific terrains.

Here we have listed a few treks that best suit bird watchers:

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan witnesses a wide variety of flora and fauna on the plains of Terai and it’s a famous destination for bird watching in Nepal. The Park homes around 250 species of birds. Parakeets, Giant Hornbill, ducks, ibises, Lesser Florican, storks, peafowl, blue flycatcher, and Red-billed blue magpie are the few in the list. Further, you can combine bird watching experience with other adventure like safari, visits to the elephant and crocodile breeding center.

Chitwan is just a 5 hrs drive or a 35 min flight from Kathmandu where you can watch the birds roaming the terrain of Terai.

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Shivapuri National Park

A short hike, of about one day to the northern part of the capital takes you to the closest and easiest spots for bird watching, Shivapuri National Park. You can witness different birds like pheasants, blue magpies, Himalayan Barbets, Bonelli’s eagles, and many more. Also, the hike to Shivapuri National Park offers beautiful scenery and Tamang villages.

Annapurna Region Trek

This one combines the trek to Himalayas and bird watching in the mountain terrain. Annapurna is one of the largest and well-preserved natural heritage in the world. The area homes the deepest gorge of Kali Gandaki and seven peaks of over 7000m. It allows trekkers to explore the majestic Himalayas, green landscapes, traditional villages and people and the different species of birds.

The region alone boasts more than 474 species of birds like crimson horned Pheasant, the Monal Lophophorus, spiny babbler, Blood pheasant, and many others. The Kali Gandaki valley is also famous as the migration pathway for birds like demoiselle cranes. Other commonly sighted birds in the region are a bearded vulture, eagles, golden eagle, etc.


Besides these famous treks, there are some other trails for bird watching in Nepal that allow bird enthusiasts to fulfill their hobbies. The treks to Solu Khumbu and Langtang region are also attractive for one trying to spot the birds in alpine climates. Further, Bardia National Park homes birds like Ruddy Shelduck, gulls, Hornbill darters and kites. Also, the Koshi-Tappu wildlife reserve has birds like storks, herons, florican, ducks, ibises, and many other migratory waterfowls. These treks blend nature, culture, and serenity together with bird watching.

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