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Mera peak climb in Nepal- Mera peak trek cost report


Mera Peak in Nepal is one of the highest (or shall I call tallest?) climbing peaks in the world. The Mira Peak has three main summits: Mera South (6065m), Mera North (6476m) and Mera Central (6461m). The Mera peak climb takes you to the true summit of Mera North. Further, the view of highest mountain peaks as Mount Everest, Lhotse, Kanchenjunga, Makalu, and Cho Oyu is mesmerizing. The Mera Peak trek is technically less challenging climb but needs some mountain climbing tools and experience. And it is NOT cheap. Here is the total Mera Peak Climbing cost. The expected cost of Mera peak trek depends on various factors.


Factors for Mera peak climb:

  • Routes,
  • Duration,
  • Permits to enter the region
  • Accommodation,
  • Meals and Drinks,
  • Modes of Transportation,
  • Tent Accommodation and meals
  • Field staff
  • Equipment and gears
  • Miscellaneous expenses
Mera peak climb
Mera peak climb

Duration of Mira Peak Trek:

The longer duration is clearly a higher expense. Even the shortest route to Mera Peak takes 15-16 days. But this route is only suggested for the seasonal mountain climber. Other routes, which are comparatively easier, takes 18 to 24 days. The 19 days professionally designed itinerary is for the comfortable and successful climb. But the extra 3 days will cost you $150 more.

Mera Peak Permit Cost

Once you decide the route, you should issue the permit to enter in that region. The permits needed are:
Local Area Permit: costs around US $20
Sagarmatha National Park Entry permit:
SAARC nationals: approximately US$ 15
Other nationals: approximately US$ 30
Makalu Barun National Park Entry Permit:
SAARC nationals: approximately US$ 15
Other nationals: approximately US$ 30

Mira Peak Weather cost:

Now, this may sound odd, but the month you climb also make a difference in your cost. The Season cost variation for the expedition are:
For Foreign Nationals:
June-Aug.: $70
Dec.-Feb.: $70
March-May: $250
Sep-Nov.: $125
For Nepali Nationals:
Dec.-Feb.: Nrs. 1000
June-Aug.: Nrs. 1000
March-May: Nrs. 4000
Sep-Nov.: Nrs. 2000

Note: As per government regulations for climbing different mountain peaks in Nepal, all trekkers should go through a trekking agency.

Mera Peak Climbing Accommodation Cost:

While in Kathmandu, the choice for accommodation is limitless. As per your preference, you can also choose the lodge that ranges from basic lodges to 5- star hotels.
From Lukla to Khare, you will also get to choose the tea houses. Also, you can stay in shared rooms with two bed or at the dorm rooms. These rooms only cost $2-$6 per night.
During Mera Base Camp you will have to set a camp for the night. During the day you will head towards Mera High Camp. After that, it’s a tent accommodation until you reach the top.
You can rent or buy your own tent which cost around $120-$200 based on the brand, durability, quality, and size.

Meals and Drinks Cost:

In Kathmandu, the choice for meals and drinks are endless that can range from $2 to $30.
From Lukla to Khare, the tea houses, and cafes on the trails have some basic menu whose price can range $2-$6 per plate. Once in Namche Bazaar, you can get good, fresh bread and pastries.
For drinks, you can get coffee, tea, hot and cold flavored drinks, soft drinks, and soups, hot and cold water and also some hard drinks. The costs for these drinks can vary from $.5- $4 per glass.
From Khare to Mera Peak and back, your drinks and meals are whatever you have bought and carried. Further, your cook shall prepare the hygienic food for you.

Transportation Cost:

You should fly from Kathmandu to Lukla by air which cost around US $147- $177. The flight is only 25 to 30 minutes.
If you don’t want to fly, you can take a bus from Kathmandu to Jiri and then trek to Lukla. The Bus from Kathmandu to Jiri costs Nrs. 700-1000.

Mera Peak Climbing Field staff cost:
You will need the continuous support of your field staff to climb the summit comfortably. Some of the field staff required are:
Guide: A licensed professional guide helps to enhance your trekking experience. Further, as the trek passes through unmarked trails, an experienced guide helps you to ensure your safety and trekking routes. A guide for Mera Peak climb cost around $25 per day.

Mera peak climb
Mera peak climb

Mera Peak guide costs

These are the experienced guides for climbing and summiting mountain peaks who will technically aspects of your trek.
The cost of an experienced guide is $325 for each peak.

Assistant Guide: S/he is on the way to becoming a fully licensed guide. S/he will help the guide and also set up camp. If you have a larger group, one guide cannot assist each of you, so assistance guide is important. The cost of the Assistant guide is $18-$22 per day.

Porter: A porter will carry all your trekking equipment and supplies you will need during the climb. Each porter carries 25 kgs of weight. The cost for a porter to Mera Peak is $15 per day.

Equipment and Gears Cost:

The equipment and gears cost depend on your choices. You can either rent or buy them.

  • 5 meters, 6mm climber’s accessory cord: $50-$100
  • 1 large mitten sized ascender and arm length leash: $25-$70
  • Figure 8 or Abseil belay device: $8-$36
  • Climbing harness: $50-$60
  • carabiners, 1 large and 1 small locking carabiners: $8-$12 each
  • 4 regular carabiners: $8-$12 each
  • Crampons –Steel crampons with anti-balling plates: $8- $15
  • Ice axe with a leash: $80-$150
  • Adjustable trekking poles: $20-$60
  • Ski goggles: $80-$150
  • Helmet: $40-$200
  • Glacier sunglasses: $50-$65
  • Oximeter: $14-$22
  • The cost of rent is $2- $10 per item per day.

Miscellaneous expenses

Tipping: As you know, many sectors related to hospitality and as well as tourism expects some tip for their service. So, if their service has made you happy, you can show some gratitude.

Basic Mountaineering Training: This training includes both theory and practical training which usually lasts for a month to 40 days. You can either take the training in your country or in Nepal. The costs for training in Nepal is:
Locals: Nrs.10000-15000
SAARC nationals: $185
Other nations: $300

Charging fees for electronic gadgets: The tea houses demands some charge you for charging your gadgets that range from $2-$6 per hour.
Hot showers: The tea houses also charges for hot showers which cost around $2-$6.

Travel Insurance Cost:

Travel insurance for your Mera Peak Climbing cost around $125-$280. Also, the price of travel insurance varies as per the policy you choose.
If you have your own travel insurance, make sure it covers high altitude climbs and also emergency helicopter evacuations in foreign countries.

Mera Peak Climb Cost total:

In conclusion, the total cost for Mera Peak Climbing is:
Budget Trek: $2050
Average Trek: $2250
Luxury and relaxed Trek: $2990-3500


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